Nutrition Coaching That Will Change Your Life

Our nutrition coaching program has changed the lives of thousands of women. We want to change your life, too.

We open for enrollment on August 19th. Add your name to our obligation-free waitlist to access your spot 24 hours before the general public and we'll waive the $199 registration fee.

So You've Tried Everything...

Tell us if this sounds familiar: Your friend texts you a photo she took the night before. You thought the outfit you chose was flattering... Wrong. You're shocked, embarrassed, and ashamed. You swallow a lump in your throat and swear you're going to get your eating under control.

You empty the pantry and fridge, download your diet app, and dig out your dusty running shoes. You're 'good' for a few days but by the end of the week you've caved and you hate yourself for it. The weekend turns into a free-for-all. 

Why bother, you think. I'm never going to succeed at this.

We Know You, Because We've Been You. We Also Know...

You're exhausted from thinking about your health and weight all. the. time.

Just the thought of another diet sends you running to the pantry to eat.

You can get started during bursts of motivation but your changes never last.

You know your relationship with food is key but you don't know where to start.

You know life could be so much better but you don't know how to get there alone.

You're embarrassed. You've failed so many times you don't even want to try anymore.

We Once Struggled With These Things Too
Our Program Was Created So You Don't Have To

Balance365 is a group nutrition coaching program for busy women who are tired of waking up unhappy with their health, weight, energy levels, and relationship with food. You're ready for a change but you know you need a more sustainable and supported path so you don't give up on yourself. Inside our program you'll learn how to stop dieting, create a peaceful relationship with food, and still get the results you want.

Enrollment opens August 19th!

Imagine Your Future...

You wake up in the morning feeling rested and have a moment of gratitude. You know how to feed yourself healthy and balanced throughout the day. You're moving your body - not because you hate it but because you genuinely want to care for it. You realize you are completely free from crushing, exhausting diet thoughts. You feel truly healthy - physically, mentally and emotionally. You've lost weight, but that's not what it's all about for you anymore. You're proud of who you've become on this journey: a woman who knows how to feed herself well, pursue change from a place of self-care, and lose weight without being restrictive.


You'll Know Exactly What to Eat

No more confusion about nutrition. You'll understand how simple nutrition can be, how to eat to support your goals, and what feels best for your body. Struggling with hunger and out-of-control cravings will become a thing of the past. 

You'll Know How to Stop Overeating 

True food freedom means developing the ability to say yes or no to food. In Balance365 no foods are off limits. We'll teach you the skills you need to enjoy everything you love in moderation so you can stay on track to your goals. 

You’ll Know How to Maintain Your Results

Every year millions of people lose weight, but hardly any of them are keeping it off. In Balance365 you'll work to develop the mindset, eating skills, and habits required to sustain your results for life. No more dieting. No more losing and regaining weight. No more feeling out of control.

You Won't Just Lose Weight - You'll Feel Truly Healthy

Health is not just food and weight. In Balance365 we focus on four key habits (called 'The Core 4'). These habits, in combination with world-class mindset and body image coaching, will have you feeling healthy from the inside out. Losing weight should never come at the expense of your physically or emotional health.

Enrollment opens August 19th!

This program has absolutely changed my life. I’m now at peace with food. I’m being kinder to myself. I find my positive attitude (and habits) being mimicked by my children. It’s given me a new sense of confidence. It’s not restrictive so there’s no need to binge. I feel free. I feel loved and I have more love towards myself and other women in my life. This program isn’t just about food. It’s about making you feel awesome about yourself, your choices, and your abilities.


It was scary to walk away from dieting because it’s the only thing that had ever “worked” for me. But as I now know, it only “works” temporarily. I joined Balance365 because I needed freedom from it all. The program was different from anything I had ever seen. I’m no longer restricting. I’m exercising for enjoyment. Even my skin and hair have improved! It’s not about the weight I’ve lost at all. It’s about how good I feel. And I can honestly say I will never diet again.


One day I looked around and saw The Matrix. All these people scraping apples off their salad to lose two more pounds. What's the point? I wanted to make changes without feeling like I was going to lose my mind. Enter Balance365 and their sustainable lifestyle change model. And here I am today feeling mindful and balanced, with no rigid rules or restrictions. People keep asking me what I’m doing, “did you cut carbs? Is it keto?” Nope. It’s just moderate, consistent change and actually enjoying my life.


Here's How Balance365 is Different

The Core 4

In Balance365 you'll focus on just four habits that have a big impact on long-term health and body composition. We call them the Core 4. They're no secret: sleep, internal cues, balanced nutrition, and movement.  We'll help you individualize these habits for your life because we know every woman has her own unique challenges and preferences.

We Simplify Nutrition

Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated. We give you an evidence-based framework for a balanced meal and our coaches help you customize it to work with your preferences and goals. We emphasize balance, flexibility, and sustainability when supporting you with creating nutrition habits. When you simplify nutrition you can turn your focus to the challenging part: change.

Emphasis on Overcoming Emotional Eating

Unlike some health professionals, we don't consider emotional eating inherently 'wrong.' It's simply a deeply engrained habit and it's something we all do. Problems arise when the frequency of emotional eating is impacting your health and weight loss goals. We'll teach you the emotional skills you need to overcome emotional overeating so you can exist peacefully with food.

Incorporating Your Core Values

If 'wanting to lose weight' was enough to actually lose weight, then nobody would be struggling. We believe lasting change requires a deeper reason than just seeing a smaller number on the scale. In Balance365 you'll learn what you value most and how to incorporate that into your health and weight loss journey.

Mindset, Mindset, Mindset

Change starts in your head. Whether you decide to stay the course or give up on change comes down to cultivating the mindset required to be successful. Our coaches will help you shift your mindset so you can look at your problems from a new perspective. You will learn how to overcome challenges, face fears, and stay the course even when life feels overwhelming.

World-Class Coaching

In Balance365, you're never on your own. You'll be joining a community of women led by a team of qualified coaches who understand the challenges of managing life's demands with your own behavior change goals. At the heart of our group coaching program is the connections formed with our members and with our team of amazing coaches.

Enrollment opens August 19th!

We'll coach you through one small step at a time, help you make a plan that can be customized for your life, and keep you from getting overwhelmed and quitting on yourself.

What You Get (The Details!

Access to the Balance365 Coaching Program

When you join you get instant-access to the Balance365 program and you can get started right away. We have a saying in Balance365: simple = actionable. Diets unnecessarily overcomplicate nutrition and weight loss, which leaves people overwhelmed and unable to take action. Balance365's signature 'Core 4' habits can be integrated into your busy life step-by-step. This will leave you with the mental bandwidth to focus on the challenging part of the change process: shifting your mindset, staying consistent, and maintaining your results. 

Live Balance365 Coaching Calls

We host group coaching calls 6 days per week at various times of day to accommodate different time zones. Coaching calls are all based in Central time zone (Chicago). The earliest call begins at 6AM CDT and the latest call begins at 9PM CDT. When you join a call nobody can see you or hear you. If you want support during the call, you will get 1:1 attention from your coach. It truly is a one-of-a-kind individualized experience.

A range of calls are available from general coaching calls to special topics like: Women in Larger Bodies, Body Image, Ask a Dietitian, and Fat Loss Troubleshooting

Click on the image to see a sample month of coaching calls.

Private Coaching Call Podcast

All group coaching calls are recorded and uploaded to your member's-only coaching call library, as well as to a private podcast. Browse for topics that interest you and listen to coaching calls on-the-go.

Don't underestimate the power of listening to other women get coached. Our member's consistently report this is their favourite feature in our program!

Private Members-Only Facebook Group

Keep your goals top of mind with access to our private, members-only Facebook community. This is where you'll find peer and coach support and accountability. Weekly check-in threads are where you can request support or check in with a coach to follow up with what you've been working on. There is no aspect of our program that's 'mandatory' - some of our members prefer to be coached on calls, some prefer to be coached in the group, and some utilize both options. There is coaching available in the Facebook community 7 days per week.

BONUS: Members-Only Challenges

We like to have fun in Balance365! Periodically we host members-only challenges. Past challenges include The Consistency Challenge, Honour Your Hunger Challenge, and Power Bowl Challenges. These challenges are fun, foster a sense of community, and are supportive to the behaviour change process.

BONUS: Every Day Strong Workout Program

Every Day Strong is a 12-week home workout program designed by Balance365 co-founder and personal trainer, Annie Brees. When you join Balance365, this program is yours to keep forever. All you need for equipment is a pair of dumbbells and a resistance band. This program retails for $79.

BONUS: Self-Love Journal

Self-love isn't a destination, it's a daily practice. And to assist you in that practice is the Balance365 Self-Love Journal: a 28-Day Practice for Cultivating Whole Self-Acceptance.  

Money-Back Guarantee

We believe in fully our program and our coach's ability to effectively coach you. That said, if you're unsatisfied with your experience and you've met our money-back guarantee criteria, we will give you a full refund.

Enrollment opens August 19th!

B365 is truly unique to you. You are in control and decide what habits to pursue. The program gives you the information and support you need, but you determine your own path. Diets limit you; Balance365 empowers you! I just crossed the 50lb mark and I'm still losing!

Erica V 


Before Balance365 I was very all-or-nothing and spent about a decade doing awful things to my body. I was tired of the hamster wheel of dieting and was looking for something more positive. What makes Balance365 so special is the deep, emotional, hard mindset and personal development work. It’s made the biggest impact on me as a human but also created physical changes. I’ve lost 20lbs because I’ve learned to respect and care for my body in a different way. It's not a quick fix. Balance365 is a philosophy and approach to life."

Tasha H


BC, Canada

The support of the coaches and the group were exactly what I needed to focus on my nutrition habits. I liked the structure, but also freedom to do what worked for me. I've lost 65lbs and have gained so much more mentally and emotionally! Too many ah-ha moments to mention here, but this really has been one of the best things I have done. I’m still in shock how far I have come! I'm living the lifestyle I’ve always wanted!

Suzie Hawkey


New Zealand

"I’ve lost 25lbs in Balance365, but I feel like the mindset shift is a bigger accomplishment for me. I used to really struggle with perfectionism, believing that every single meal and workout needed to be perfect. I’m so much happier now. I’m figuring out who I truly am. I've been fiercely loving myself exactly as I am, teaching my kids to love themselves as they are, and experiencing freedom with food for the first time in decades, and it feels so good! I proudly share this new way of life with everyone I know!"

Steph Gray


SK, Canada

Enrollment opens August 19th!

Meet Our Coaching Team

We know working with qualified coaches isn't the only important thing to you. Having coaches who have real-world experience with the struggles you face is important to you, too. Our coaches have been there, in the trenches, juggling their own busy lives with jobs, children, ageing parents, menopause symptoms, neurodiversities, and their own health and weight loss journeys too. While every journey is unique you can trust our coaches have the ability to empathize with the challenges you face. Our program may be simple but we know change isn't easy. 

Inside our group coaching program you will have 1:1 access to all of our coaches...




Co-Founder + Coach

chelsey love

Registered Dietitian

deandra dey

Certified Clinical Counselor

Jennifer campbell

Co-Founder + Coach

Katie Mcnally








Here's What Happens After You Join the Waitlist...

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    Sign Up
    Once you've added your name to our obligation-free waitlist, you'll receive a confirmation email from us. Please check your spam! If you don't receive it, reach out to
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    Get Excited
    Between now and our launch day, we'll send you a few more follow-up emails to give you a sneak-peek into the philosophy and community in our program! While you're waiting for the doors to open, make sure to find our podcast, Balance365 Life Radio.
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    Snag Your Spot August 19th at 8AM CDT!
    The doors open to our waitlist first and to the General Public 24 hours later. Don't hesitate! We often have more people on the waitlist than we have spots for.

Enrollment opens August 19th!

A Message From Balance365 Founders

Like many mission-driven companies, Balance365 was founded because of a shared passion: we believe women deserve better. 

We each have our own story about our experiences in the so-called 'health and wellness' industry. They are different, yet at the heart of each it's the same. The world convinced us there was something wrong with our bodies then sold us solution after solution to 'fix' that problem. As the years passed, our relationships with food and our bodies deteriorated. Dieting became all-consuming. Neither of us were healthier, or happier, then before we started dieting.

This is the story for millions of women around the world. They are stuck in an endless cycle of dieting, losing and regaining weight, eventually becoming hopeless that change is possible. And if we don't put a stop to this, the next generation is going to repeat the cycle.

Change is possible. It's been possible for us, and for our members. But not the way you keep trying to do it. Diets don't work. Let's figure out what will work for you, so you can put this chapter of your life behind you.

Life can be so much better. We're excited to show you how.

Jen + Annie 


Joining Balance365 costs $199 + $59/month thereafter

Your Membership Includes

  • The Balance365 Core 4 Curriculum (Part 1: Mindset, Part 2: The Core 4)
  • Access to coaching calls 6 days per week
  • Access to our members-only Facebook group and coaching support 7 days per week
  • Private Podcast so you can listen to coaching calls on the go
  • Support, feedback and accountability 
  • Money-back guarantee

Join Balance365 Coaching Risk-Free, With Our Money-Back Guarantee


If you fully invest in your Balance365 journey, we are confident you will be pleased with your experience; however if you aren't satisfied, we will refund you in full. 

To receive a refund, you must complete 3-months of coaching with the following conditions met:

  • Completion of your awareness journal and two months of habit trackers
  • Proven participation - you've attended a coaching call or reached out for coaching in the group a minimum of 6x
  • Communicate your concerns with customer support by Week 8


How is this different than a diet?

In Balance365 we prioritize health and wellbeing over thinness. We combine nutritional science with behavior change science, offering a balanced and flexible approach to wellness. We don't just want to help you lose weight - we want you to heal your relationship with food and feel at home in your body. We are here to "teach you to fish" not make you dependent on our "system" for life. Lastly we stress the importance of figuring out what's going to work for you so you can sustain your changes, as opposed to the all-or-nothing, unsustainable practices of diet companies.

What is the time commitment?

While we specialize in working with busy women, the reality is you will need to commit some time to familiarize yourself with the program, make plans and set goals. The support you'll need will vary, depending on what you're struggling with. On a day-to-day basis we ask that you take 15 minutes to check in with your coaches and group. Additionally you may join any (or all) of the coaching calls offered throughout the week.

Where are your client's before and after photos?

While we recognize some people find before-and-after photos helpful, for the last eight years we've chosen not to use them. Many women who follow us report before-and-after photos trigger strong feelings of shame. We do not want anyone joining Balance365 feeling ashamed - we want them feeling excited and empowered! We don't ask our participant's for before and after photos and we will never ask you for them. But we encourage you to use whatever positively motivates you while on your journey!

How is Balance365 different from Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating is an eating framework for those struggling with disordered eating but was not intended as a weight loss solution. Balance365 is a structured intentional eating coaching program led by a team of health and wellness coaches, a body image therapist, a dietitian, and more. Our program helps women develop nutritional habits and decision-making skills aligned with their vision and goals, including weight loss (if desired). 

Do you make weight loss guarantees?

We can't predict how much weight you'll lose because your ability to lose weight, and the pace of your weight loss, is largely determined by the commitments you're ready, willing and able to make while in coaching. What we can guarantee is your coach will be there to troubleshoot your mindset, habit commitments, and fat loss results with you every step of the way.

Is it ok to be using a GLP-1 (like Ozempic or WeGovy) while a member?

Absolutely. Many of our members have used GLP-1's, or other medications, that impact their appetites. We consider you the expert of your body and our coaches valuable members of your healthcare team. In collaboration with your doctor we are happy to troubleshoot any mindset or habit-change struggles that come up as you navigate the side effects of your medication(s).

Do you need to have a weight loss goal to join?

Absolutely not. Approximately 90% of the women who join Balance365 have a weight loss goal and some shift their focus after joining. You can join with or without a weight loss goal. This journey is about becoming the healthiest version of you and we believe you are the best person to determine what that is.

How long is the program?

You can stay in Balance365 as long as you like! Many of our members commit for a longer-term basis so they can get ongoing support on their behavior change journey. We ask when you join, you have the mindset that you are going to commit for six months. This is a more realistic timeline to establish and solidify habit change. That said, we are only into mutually beneficial relationships. If you would like to cancel early, we will honor your request.

Are there any workouts included with the program?

Our super-popular, 12-week home workout program, Every Day Strong, is available to you upon joining. It's a downloadable PDF so it's yours to keep forever! This normally retails for $79USD. 

I don't live in North America, can I still participate?

The beauty of an online program is you can participate from anywhere in the world. We've had members from every continent but Antarctica! However, since our coaches are all based in North America, our coaching call times are scheduled in Central Time Zone. Calls start as early as 7AM and as late as 9PM throughout the week. The call times are scheduled to maximize our availability to as many of our international members as possible.  

Do I need Facebook to participate?

This program includes a members-only Facebook community. If you don't have a Facebook account, you'll still be able to access the materials and coaching calls. What you'll be missing is joining in on community conversations and seeing all the women in Balance365 support each other.

Opting out of Facebook participation is preferable for some of our members. Others create "ghost" accounts they only use for their Balance365 interactions.

Do you offer meal plans? Do I have to track what I eat?

We don’t have meal plans but our members often share recipes and meal ideas. We don’t require our members to track what they eat, but it’s more nuanced than that. We focus on a set of four habits (The Balance365 Core 4) inside the program and encourage our members to make commitments to these habits and track their consistency with our habit tracker or journal. We also recognize that tracking can be a sensitive topic for some members. If that's the case, we will offer alternative strategies to support your progress.  

How much does the program cost?

Balance365 costs $199 + $59/month. We will waive the $199 registration fee for those on the waitlist.

Can I use my health benefits to pay for Balance365 Coaching?

How can I use my Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA), or employee wellness benefits to pay for Balance365? If your doctor recommends nutrition changes and/or weight loss for a specific condition, which may include but not limited to, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, pre-diabetes, or arthritis the United States government may allow you to use funds from your pre-tax accounts such as your FSA or HSA to pay for your Balance365 Coaching membership. Additionally, some employers may offer a stipend for various wellness services that may cover your Balance365 membership. Claim processes and eligibility vary by provider. To determine your eligibility, we recommend you carefully review the following steps:

  1. Contact your HSA, FSA Benefit Specialist, or HR Administrator to find out if you are eligible to use your FSA/HSA card or can be reimbursed for Balance365 Coaching 
  2. You may be asked to obtain a letter of medical necessity from your doctor. This form may be provided by your account vendor or HR department. You can find a link to our Balance365 sample form here.  Please note, the letter of medical necessity is only for your records. Balance365 does not require one. 
  3. Check out using your FSA/HSA Card. Balance365 accepts FSA/HSA cards but can not guarantee a card will not be declined. Card issuers are still at liberty to authorize or decline any payment as they would with any other type of credit card.
  4. Print and submit your receipts for Balance365  as requested by your provider/vendor

Please note that Balance365 does not provide medical or tax advice.  This is intended for informational purposes only.  You should consult your medical doctor and/or account provider for professional information regarding your eligibility and benefits.  If you use an HSA/FSA card for your method of payment, you acknowledge that you are responsible for determining whether this purchase will be a qualified medical expense, for submitting any required information to the IRS, and for any penalties you may receive as a result.

If I have a question not listed here, what do I do?

Please reach out to us at