Episode 35: To Calorie Count or Not To Calorie Count?

October 3, 2018

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Episode Overview

Calorie counting is often presented as the end-all, be all of fat loss and nutrition. But is it really? Join us as Jen, Annie, and Lauren explore the myths and truths associated with calorie counting and what really matters when it comes to reaching your goals while maintaining your sanity. We dig in to find to help you find balance, moderation, and enjoyment by taking a look at how you think about and measure your food.   

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Food labels, how wrong they can be, and what that means for you
  • Calorie tracking websites and how much they can vary
  • Tracking inaccuracy: how common is human error?
  • Calorie counting as a short term vs long term strategy
  • IIFYM- flexible dieting and how it can feed anxiety
  • How nutritional information for the Power Bowl challenge was generated
  • Emotional and psychological impacts of tracking calories
  • How the way you prepare food can impact how many calories you get from it
  • What gut bacteria has to do with calories
  • Calorie counting and how that relates to your own hunger and satiety signal
  • Hunger as a signal from your body and not an emergency
  • How listening to your body can help you maintain your weight without tracking



Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.