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Annie is the Chief Operating Officer of Balance365 Life, and our resident “Lifter of Heavy Sh*t”, AKA Chief Muscles Officer. She currently lives in West Des Moines, Iowa. Annie felt called to co-found Balance365 because she believes women deserve a more balanced approach to changing their lifestyle than what is currently being offered. Her favorite Balance365 habit is protein because… Muscles! When she isn’t hitting the gym, empowering women, and making hilarious insta-stories, she can be found sipping an Americano while blasting Mariah Carey in her earbuds.


Coach Barbara was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. She felt a deep connection to Balance365’s mission to help empower women to take back their lives from diet culture to gain a life of balance and self-love. She dreams of writing a book someday, learning Krav Maga, and spoiling her future grandchildren at her house on the beach. Barbara leads specialized coaching calls for women of color and women going through midlife and menopause.


Beth is from Mount Joy, Pennsylvania and has been working with Balance365 since 2017. She is the master of tech wizardry; making sure all of our sites and software are working correctly. She is also our resident graphic designer! Beth always says that finding Balance365 was like getting glasses for the first time and realizing that everything she had been seeing about health had been blurry. The internal cues habit is her favorite to practice, but she started boxing this past year and is loving it!


Coach Bethann is a long time Balance365er who joined our coaching staff in 2021. She lives in Castle Rock, Colorado and loves hiking, photography, knitting, and playing guitar. Bethann's favorite Balance365 habit is movement. She loves the quote "I'll make tiny changes to earth" from a song by Frightened Rabbit and she brings that philosophy into her coaching for our members.


Coach Holea lives with her family in Minnesota. Her goal as a coach is to support, encourage, and guide women through the B365 program, and she does a great job! Holea loves to be outside, throw around her kettlebells, and try new recipes. She has been coaching with Balance365 since 2020 and her favorite habits are either internal cues or movement.... it's a toss up.


Coach Inemesit is from Yellowknife in Canada's Northwest Territories. She has been a coach with Balance365 since 2021 and she loves to help members navigate adding movement and exercise to their lives! If Inemesit had a theme song it would be Everything is Everything by Lauryn Hill, and she loves spending time with friends. Her favorite Balance365 habit is sleep!


Jen is the visionary of Balance365 Life, driving Annie crazy on a daily basis with new ideas and plans. Her greatest dream is to one day host retreats around the world where she can meet and connect with the Balance365 community in person. She is best known in the Balance365 community for her “mama lion” instincts, and her compassionate nature. She has an amazing ability to diffuse almost any situation with wise and thoughtful responses. Her favourite Balance365 habit is wonderful, glorious, sleep!


Julie lives in Kamloops, British Columbia. She and Jen live in the same city, making them our only team members who can actually visit each other without a road trip! She makes sure every person whose life could be majorly improved by the Balance365 programs, is introduced to the programs and has all the information they need to decide whether to join or not. She loves the balanced meals habit and is also a certified yoga instructor!


Coach Justine is from Princeton, British Columbia. She has been with Balance365 since 2019 and her job is to connect with members and help them create plans for their goals, troubleshoot their struggles, and support their practices. She loves pottery, henna, and other creative adventures. Her favorite Balance365 habit is SLEEEP!


Karen is from Valenzuela City, Philippines. She has been keeping the whole Balance365 team running smoothly since 2019, assigning tasks and managing projects so nothing falls through the cracks. She loves travel, photography, and singing karaoke. Karen's favorite Balance365 habit is sleep, but she is so dedicated that she gets up at 2am to attend team meetings.


KrysAnn loves to write and create awesome content for Balance365 while drinking coffee, listening to podcasts, and walking on her treadmill desk. She started with Balance365 in 2020 and works from her home in North Dakota. Her hobbies include scuba diving, archery, lifting heavy things, cycling, and home manicures, and she takes her coffee with a little caramel Premier Protein, which we think is a brilliant way to up your protein intake!


Synthony lives in Los Angeles, California and has been with Balance365 since 2017. If you've ever sent an email to Balance365, you've probably talked to her! She likes to fill up her online cart full of things and then exit the page, and drink coffee in any quiet room that her kids aren't in. Synthony is in charge of all of the customer service, social media engagement, and is the go-to team member for funny memes.


Vanessa has been making sure our podcast audio sounds great since 2017! She works hard to catch mistakes and make improvements so the podcast is as effective as possible. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta and enjoys spending time with her fur babies and helping fighters and sorcerers and wizards defend their vast kingdoms (read: running D&D campaigns). Vanessa's favorite Balance365 habit is sleep!

Dieting doesn't have to define your life.