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Annie Brees and Jennifer Campbell co-founded Balance365 in 2015. Since then they have disrupted, educated and empowered women to seek autonomous, science-based solutions for addressing their health, wellness, and weight loss goals. This starts with encouraging their audience to redefine what "health" even means for them and getting clear on how it can show up in their lives.

The Balance365® program is for women who want to pursue sustainable practices around food, fitness, and emotional well-being. At Balance365 we believe the key to achieving lasting health and wellness is not another diet, rather a shift in mindset to drive new thoughts, behaviors, and habits. Because we know “success” looks different for every individual, we refrain from prescriptive health and wellness protocols in favor of science-based, individualized nutrition and behavior-change coaching. Our program provide a framework that guides people through the behavior-change process and helps them set goals that are achievable for their unique life and body. 

The Balance365 life is where self-compassion replaces self-loathing, healthy habits replace diets, and inner peace replaces inner turmoil.

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Meet the Founders

Annie Brees

Annie is the Chief Muscles Officer at Balance365, co-founder and coach. She is also a personal trainer, competitive powerlifter, and mom of 3 children. Annie is passionate about empowering women through strength training and has over 9 years of experience helping women reach their potential in the weight room.


Jen is the Chief Ideas Officer at Balance365, co-founder, and coach. She is also a mom to 3 busy boys and you can most likely find her hiking or snowboarding in the mountains around Kamloops, BC. Jen wants you to feel like you’re “home” in Balance365. She gives thoughtful, loving advice that empowers women to decide what’s right for their individual lives and unique bodies.

As Seen On

The Balance365 co-founders have appeared in Huffington Post, Huffington Post Canada, CBC, CTV, Cosmopolitan,, Life & Style Weekly, WHO TV 13 in Des Moines, Iowa. They have also appeared as guest speakers at various health and wellness conferences and events virtually and in person. 

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Dieting doesn't have to define your life.