Give Us 5 Days...

... and you'll learn how quick and simple healthy eating can be!

Introducing: The Balance365 Power Bowl Challenge

Replace just ONE meal per day with one of our signature Power Bowl recipes. You'll be blown away by the results!


Healthy Eating Shouldn't Feel So Hard...

Your Instafeed is full of fancy recipe videos (with 18 different ingredients you've never heard of) and fitness influencers spending their Sundays prepping "clean eating" meals for the whole week. 

You're busy. You have a life. You know the benefits of eating healthier, but each attempt is eventually abandoned. Soon you're back to grabbing what's easy and convenient. It feels impossible. Who has time for this? 

We sure don't. That's why we created the Power Bowl Challenge.

We were so fed up with the unrealistic standards in the health and wellness industry that we built a whole company around giving women a better option. We believe in:

  • Simple nutrition
  • Satisfying meals
  • Less time in the kitchen

If you give us 5 days and we'll have you feeling nourished and satisfied in less time. You'll be eating one meal a day that is balanced with protein, fiber, fat and carbs. You'll also experience more energy, reduced cravings, and FREEDOM from the overwhelm that thinking about nutrition can bring.

So, What’s the Challenge?

It's simple. On May 1st we're going to e-mail you 4 recipes, a meal prep guide,  AND our tips for shopping and kitchen shortcuts (we LOVE shortcuts!).  

You're going to choose 1 recipe and batch create five power bowls in under 20 minutes. Then from May 8th - 12th you'll replace just one meal a day, for five days, with one of our Power Bowls. 

It's that easy.

(We believe the best things always are!) 

What if I hate cooking?

We got you! It's no secret to our followers that we specialize in simplifying nutrition, which often includes not cooking!

Your recipe book and meal prep guide will include instructions for cooking-from-scratch AND our suggestions for swapping in easy and convenient options, so you can minimize your time in the kitchen.

Past Challenge Participants Have Reported...

Feeling full and satisfied all afternoon long

Reduced cravings for sweets and treats

Shock at how much they can eat and still lose weight

Spend 5 days with us!

We challenge you to 5 days of balanced, delicious meals that will keep you feeling so satisfied you won't be raiding the pantry at 3pm.

Join the Power Bowl Challenge and see the difference simple nutrition can make!