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Women are fed up. Years of dieting has robbed them of enough time and they are ready for a values-centered, self-loving approach to health, wellness and weight loss. This is what we have been teaching thousands of women for over 6 years at Balance365, and we know we can help even more with your support.

Balance365 Partners help us reach women across the world who need help ditching dieting and healing their relationships with food and their body.

Anyone can apply to become a Balance365 Partner! Whether you’re a Personal Trainer who wants a trusted place to refer their clients for nutrition advice or you’re a personal brand or budding influencer in a completely different field, as long as your values and vision align with ours, we’d love to hear from you. 

It’s important to us to have a strong relationship with each of our partners. To ensure this is a mutually beneficial and aligned partnership, we will review each application thoroughly.   While we may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis, our ideal partner would….

  • Have an engaged audience that is interested in health + wellness

  • Be passionate about helping women feel good in their bodies

  • Have a female centric audience 

  • Refrain from promoting services or products that compete with Balance365’s services/offers

The Balance365 Partnership program is a competitive Partnership program with benefits starting at 30% commission. Once the following application form is completed, we will review your application and send you more information about the responsibilities and benefits of being a Balance365 Partner. 

To learn more about the Balance365 Partnership program & begin the application process, please complete the information below: