One-to-One Balance365 Coaching Personalized to YOU

If you didn't get a spot this time, don't worry! Join the queue for One-to-One Coaching and we will email you as soon as a spot becomes available in mid-to-late August.

Does This Sound Familiar...

You're exhausted from thinking about your health and weight all. the. time.

You believe in the Balance365 principles but feel lost and disconnected in the group

Sharing your struggles in a group coaching call setting feels too vulnerable

You're eager to get to the heart of your issues, do the work, and get the results you crave

You're ready to be supported and challenged by building a 1:1 relationship with your coach

You know you need someone checking up on you to prevent you from 'checking out' of the program (and your commitments) 

We Understand. Balance365 One-to-One Coaching Was Created So You Can Get the Individualized Experience You Need

Balance365 One-to-One Coaching was created for busy women who want a clear and personalized path, guidance and support unique to them, and consistent, ongoing accountability from the same coach throughout their journey. You don't have time to waste - you know there is a bigger, fuller, healthier life out there waiting for you and you're ready to invest in creating it.

Imagine the Future You...

You wake up in the morning feeling rested and have a moment of gratitude. You're following through with your commitments. You have the strength, confidence, and energy you always dreamed of. You have a peaceful relationship with food and your body. You feel lighter - physically, mentally and emotionally. You're proud of yourself for investing in the support you needed and going all-in on you. 


You'll Know How YOU Need to Eat to Lose Weight

No more confusion about the right combination of nutrition habits you need to feel your best and lose weight. Everyone is different and making progress will require differences too. You and your coach will create a system of eating and living that feels manageable and clear so you know how to sustain your results for life.

You'll Know How to Stop Overeating 

True food freedom means developing the ability to say yes or no to food. In Balance365 no foods are off limits. Your coach will help you develop the skills needed to enjoy all the foods you love in moderation. This includes learning to manage your thoughts and feelings so you don't feel so compelled to emotionally eat.

You'll Have Mental Freedom 

You'll have confidence that you have all the skills and habits you need to manage your health and body composition goals on your own. No more wondering. No more searching. No more falling into 'weight loss tips and tricks' rabbit holes. Should you ever get off-track in the future (it happens!) you'll have the solutions you need.

You'll Be Living Life in Alignment With Your Values 

Our successful members say Balance365 is life-changing. You will too. That's not just because you're eating differently, it's because you're thinking differently. Your coach will help you clarify what you value so you can make life's tough decisions without turmoil. You'll be living a values-aligned life.

Here's How One-to-One Coaching is Different

You Can't Fly Under the Radar

Group coaching is like being in a classroom. One-to-one coaching is like having your own personal tutor. You can't hide in a sea of people. If you miss a check-in, your coach will notice. If you miss a weekly reflection, she'll be reaching out. You'll have a pre-booked live monthly appointment. This personalized, coach-led accountability will be like rocket fuel to your health and wellness journey.

Every Session Is All About You

When you meet with your coach it's all about what you want and need to reach your goals. Your coach will be reviewing your check-ins and weekly reflections and checking in with any challenges you're experiencing. Whether you're communicating by text in the app or on video by zoom, discussing mindset, emotions or following through on habit commitments... It's all about you.

You'll Build a Relationship with Your Coach

Your coach will know your history and learn your tendencies, struggles, and mindset roadblocks. Together you can anticipate your barriers to change and get ahead of failure before it hits. A coaching relationship includes both compassion and challenging conversations so you stay committed to your journey instead of letting yourself off the hook.

You'll Get Results Faster

When you invest in one-to-one coaching, you're going all-in on the support and accountability that are key for long term behaviour change results. You'll work through your struggles as they come up, come back from failure faster, and learn to stay committed even when you don't feel motivated. If time is your most precious resource, one-to-one coaching will expedite the process of creating sustainable results in your life.

Meet Our One-to-One Coaching Team

We know working with an experienced, qualified coach isn't the only important thing to you. Having a coach who has real-world experience with the struggles you face is important to you, too. Our team will hand-select a coach for you that understands your unique struggles. When you sign up you can request to have a coach who has experience with the things that matter to you, such as (but not limited to)...

Living in a larger body


Working full-time

Raising children

Weight loss medications

Personal weight loss experience









What You Get (The Details!) 

Simple, Customizable, Personalized Nutrition + Wellness Habit Support

We have a saying in Balance365: simple = actionable. Diets unnecessarily overcomplicate nutrition and weight loss, which leaves people overwhelmed and unable to take action. Together, you and your coach will simplify the process by learning to integrate Balance365's signature 'Core 4' habits into your busy life step-by-step. This will leave you with the mental bandwidth to focus on the challenging part of the change process: shifting your mindset, staying consistent, and maintaining your results. 

World-Class, Private One-to-One Coaching 

Most people think the key to change is finding the 'perfect diet.' We disagree. The key to change is having exceptional, professional support with implementing and maintaining changes. Your personal coach will be caring and empathetic, with the coaching skills you need to get unstuck and keep moving forward. You can expect to feel cared for but also challenged as you are guided and supported through the behavior change process. Your coach will hold you accountable in a healthy and positive manner, without the toxic shaming so often experienced in the health and wellness industry. All coaching communication (text/calls) are completely private and confidential.

Designated App for Check-Ins, Tracking Progress, and Coach Communication

You asked, we answered! Everything you need for one-to-one coaching takes place inside a customizable-to-you app. You'll be able to complete daily check-ins, track your progress towards your goals, and communicate with your coach. There are also in-app notifications to help you remember to check in with your habit commitments and your coach.

60-Minute Onboarding Call 

After you join you will be meeting with your coach to review your onboarding questionnaires, discuss your history, create your one-to-one coaching goals, and set your first behavior change commitments. 

Daily + Weekly Check-Ins and Accountability

Your coach will be available 5 days per week and she will be reviewing all of your daily and weekly check-ins. You can message your coach by text, through the app, at any time of day and expect prompt, professional, and thoughtful responses in return.

Monthly Zoom Call 

Each month you and your coach will meet for up to 30 minutes to check in, review progress and goals and create plans for the upcoming month.  

Money-Back Guarantee

We believe in our program and our ability to effectively coach you. That said, if you're unsatisfied with your experience and you've met our money-back guarantee criteria, we will give you a full refund.

Ready to Join? Here's What's Next...

  1. 1
    Sign Up
    Once you've enrolled you'll receive a welcome email which includes onboarding details.
  2. 2
    Fill Out Onboarding Questionnaires
    Filling out your one-to-one coaching questionnaire which will help us match you with the coach you are best suited for.
  3. 3
    Connect With Your Personal Balance365 Coach
    After we assign you to a coach, she will reach out to you by email to schedule your onboarding call!


Balance365 One-to-One Coaching costs $259/month

+ requires a minimum 3-month commitment
+ your group coaching payment will be suspended

Your Membership Includes

  • Dedicated One-to-One Balance365 Coach
  • Access to a designated app
  • A private 60-minute kick-off call with your Coach
  • Daily habit check-ins, weekly reflections
  • A monthly, private 30-minute Zoom meeting
  • Unlimited communication via the one-to-one coaching app
  • Consistent support, feedback and accountability 
  • Money-back guarantee
One-to-one Coaching App

Join Balance365 One-to-One Coaching Risk-Free, With Our Money-Back Guarantee


If you fully invest your time and energy, we are confident you will be pleased with your experience and results; however if you aren't satisfied, we will refund you in full. 

To receive a refund, you must complete 3-months of coaching with the following conditions met:

- Complete 12 weekly check-ins

- Accurately hit your assigned habit commitments at least 80% of the time

- Communicate any questions or concerns about your coach and/or your progress by week 8.


How is this different from the Balance365 Group Coaching Program?

The main difference between the Balance365 Group Coaching program and the Balance365 One-to-One Coaching program is the support, accountability, and frequency of coaching offered. You will find the same Balance365 principles in a totally personalized, private environment with the same coach supporting you throughout your journey.

What is the price difference between the group coaching program and the one-to-one coaching?

One-to-one coaching is an additional $200/month above our group coaching price of $59/month. In total, Balance365 One-to-One Coaching is $259/month. Your group coaching payment will be suspended while you are participating in the one-to-one coaching program.

Can I still utilize the group coaching calls and/or the Facebook Group?

Absolutely! As a one-to-one coaching member, you have access to all tools and coaching experiences inside Balance365. We would strongly encourage you to engage with any/all aspects of coaching that you find valuable. With that said, multiple coaches weighing in on one specific experience may muddy your coaching waters. We’d recommend focusing your coaching time with your personal coach and using the group aspects for community and camaraderie to support your journey.

When does my 3-month one-to-one coaching officially start?

Your 3-month coaching experience will officially begin with your onboarding coaching call. 

If I'm travelling during my one-to-one coaching commitment, can I pause my membership?

We understand members may have circumstances, such as holidays planned, that limit their ability to participate in coaching. If you are going to be absent for 2+ weeks, we would be happy to accommodate a pause in your membership. One pause per three-month commitment will be honoured.

Can I select my coach?

We will use the information provided in your one-on-one intake form to select the Balance365 Coach we believe is the best fit.  

If I don't feel comfortable with my coach, what do I do?

A strong coaching connection and sense of comfort are crucial to a positive coaching experience and can take time to establish. Clearly identifying and communicating your needs, boundaries, and preferences to your coach can be extremely helpful in laying the foundation in any coaching relationship. If, however, after a few coaching sessions, you’re not feeling comfortable with your coach please email us at and we will do our best to connect you with another coach that’s a better fit.

Do you make weight loss guarantees?

We can't predict how much weight you'll lose because your ability to lose weight, and the pace of your weight loss, is largely determined by the commitments you're ready, willing and able to make while in coaching. What we can guarantee is your coach will be there to troubleshoot your mindset, habit commitments, and fat loss results with you every step of the way.

Is it ok to be using a GLP-1 (like Ozempic or WeGovy) while doing one-to-one coaching?

Absolutely. Many of our members have used GLP-1's, or other medications, that impact their appetites. We consider you the expert of your body and our coaches valuable members of your healthcare team. In collaboration with your doctor we will troubleshoot any mindset or habit-change struggles that come up as you navigate the side effects of your medication(s).

Do you need to have a weight loss goal to join one-to-one coaching?

Absolutely not. Approximately 90% of the women who join Balance365 have a weight loss goal and some shift their focus after joining. You can join one-to-one coaching with or without a weight loss goal. This journey is about becoming the healthiest version of you and we believe you are the best person to determine what that is

Can I participate for longer than 3 months?

As your time with one-to-one coaching begins to wind down, you and your coach will collaborate on future plans that best support you in the continued development or maintenance of the skills and habits you've created. This may include continuing with one-to-one coaching, moving back into group coaching, or graduation from Balance365!

Are additional workouts included with one-to-one coaching?

There are no additional work-outs included in the one-to-one coaching program, but you will continue to have access to our 12-week home workout program, Every Day Strong, while you are a Balance365 member.

I don't live in North America, will one-to-one coaching still work for me?

The beauty of working with an online coach is you can participate from anywhere in the world. We've had coaching members from every continent but Antarctica! While our coaches are all based in North America, you can coordinate meeting times that work for both of your schedules.

If I have a question not listed here, what do I do?

Please reach out to us at