Your goals are important to you. 

You start each day committed to changing your habits. You promise yourself you'll be disciplined but no matter how hard you try you find yourself diving into the sweet treats and snacks every evening.

Sound familiar?

Why you snack at night might surprise you.

…It’s not because you don’t have willpower. 

…It’s not because you’re out of control. 

…And it’s not because you're addicted to sugar. 

Let's unpack and get to the root cause together.

Introducing Balance365’s brand new FREE training:  


Why You Do It & How to Stop

Nighttime snacking is common. In fact, 93% of women we work with report struggling with their evening eating habits when they join. After a decade of experience and thousands of coaching conversations, our team has become experts in helping women stop nighttime snacking.

Here's what we'll cover...

  • What YOU Think the Problem is (which is why you’ve failed to solve it)
  • What the Problem Really is (and a smarter way to overcome nighttime snacking)
  • How to Overcome Nighttime Snacking For Good
If you’re ready to put an end to nighttime snacking but unsure of where to start... we’ve got you covered.

Our live trainings are always a hit...

With simple behavioral change strategies, evidenced based nutrition & a whole lot of compassion, you can stop nighttime snacking for good!

Join us September 15th at 6pm PST / 9pm EST

Frequently asked questions

Will there be a recording if I can't come live?

Yes! We work mostly with busy women who need to be able to do training on their time - not ours. For that reason, everyone who registers will receive a recording shortly after the live training ends. Additionally, if you prefer to listen on the go, you can subscribe to the private podcast for an audio replay of the training!

Where will the training take place?

The live training will take place in our private Facebook group. After hosting our live trainings in our FB group, private pop up groups, on zoom, and multiple other platforms, we have found attendees prefer our private FB group above other options. Once registered you will receive all the details you need to join the group and attend the training.

Does the content only apply to nighttime eating?

Although this training is designed to specifically help you overcome nighttime snacking, the concepts and solutions we'll be teaching can certainly help women struggling with mid-day snacking and emotional eating.

What is the time commitment for the free training?

We estimate the live training to be around an hour depending on the length of the live question and answer period (we're excited about this part). If you prefer to be able to listen to the training at your own pace, you will be sent a replay recording and also have access to the private podcast audio recording!