Episode 7: What is Fatphobia & How it Hurts Women at Every Size with Bethany Bellingham

November 13, 2017

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Episode Overview

The word “fat” can be used as a noun, adjective, or a verb and can be seen and heard in a variety of contexts but so often there are negative stigmas, myths, and cultural biases attached to the word fat. In today’s episode with fat and body positive advocate, Bethany Bellingham we discuss the implications of the common connotations we see associated with the word “fat” and the harmful effects of living in a fatphobic culture.


10/10 Recommend to family, friends, & clients 

Sound advice, presented in an easy to understand, approachable way. As a woman, mom, wife, daughter, friend, and Registered Dietitian - I recommend this podcast to everyone including my clients. I'm a huge fan of Balance365.  Keep it up ladies! Your friend, @dietitianchels :)


Outlook shifted 

Since listening to this podcast (and being part of the Facebook group(s) of B365), my whole outlook on myself, my body, my wellness, my worth has changed for the better. I thank these ladies for showing me another way to be in this world. I no longer obsess over my weight or food. I very much look forward to each podcast released!


My Morning Coffee Date 

Especially in 2020, having a little positivity is so important. Every time I listen to this podcast, not only do I have a smile on my face, I discover something about myself. And I consider myself to have a whole hell of a lot of self-awareness to begin with! It's almost cliche to say this now but it truly feels like you're having coffee with girlfriends!