Unlocking the connection between mindset, behavior change, and sustainable fat loss skills.

Dieting has robbed you of so much time. Don’t let it have one more second.


  • Stop obsessing about food all the time and just eat “normally”? 
  • Look in the mirror and see the beauty in yourself instead of only seeing flaws?
  • Go out for dinner and order food you actually enjoy without feeling guilty about it?
  • Understand the foundations for sustainable fat loss so you don’t ever have to follow a diet plan again?


Balance365 Fat Loss Foundations

Fat Loss Foundations is designed to help you leave the diets behind and learn the true foundations of sustainable fat loss!

In Balance365 Fat Loss Foundations we will unlock the connection between: 

  1. Mindset
    How you manage your thoughts around your health, wellness and goals.
  2. Behavior change
    The daily habits you need to implement or change to make progress towards your goals.
  3. Sustainable fat loss skills 
    The skills you'll need to not only lose fat, but maintain those results, in a healthy way. 

- Ashley T.

"I went from a size 18 to a size 8 (and about 30-40lbs of fat loss) in 8 months.  This program has helped me break out of the chains of so many negative thoughts and feelings concerning my body. Balance365 succeeds in every area of health and wellness that other programs don’t.."

- Sarah C.

"In the last eighteen months I’ve lost 24kg (50lbs) without obsessing over it. It’s not another diet. Every other program I've done is about restricting in one way or another. Balance365 has added more to my life than I anticipated, and I feel fulfilled."

What Makes 

Fat Loss Foundations



Balance365 Fat Loss Foundations is 100% pseudoscience free. You can feel confident you’ll be able to separate fat loss fact from fiction when you’re done. 


Diets were never designed to be physiologically or psychologically sustainable. This program is. Which makes it a long term solution not a quick fix. 


Unlike quick fix diets and 30 day meal plans, this course will guide you in implementing sustainable habits and building lifelong skills for true and lasting behavior change. 


We help women look past the surface and identify (then heal) the root of the issues so you don’t spend another 20+ years wondering why you keep struggling with this same problem. 


Fat Loss Foundations 

You'll FIND...

The Fat Loss Foundations course is broken into three sections. When you join today you'll get instant access to begin learning at your own pace and building a solid foundational understanding of fat loss and healthy living.


Diet Deprogramming will not only guide you through unpacking your diet history and diet culture, it will help you shift your core beliefs about health, your body and your weight. Unpacking those beliefs and the ways they have impacted your mindset & behaviour is an important step for creating clarity when it comes to your goals. For many women in our community, just working through “Diet Deprogramming” fuels an incredible amount of change in their habits and mindset.


Discover the health industry's "best kept secret": how to actually lose fat without depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy and a lifestyle you can maintain 365 days a year. Learn how to find your ideal body weight without dieting, extremes, or hating yourself to get there. When you complete the “Weight Loss Without Restriction” portion of this course, you will understand how to move towards your health goals from a healthy, self-loving place. 


Lastly, you will start implementing healthy habits for sustainable fat loss in your own life with the Balance365 Core 4 Habits. Building habits & skills in these four areas is the key to our approach to sustainable fat loss and maintaining a healthy weight. This part of the course will guide you in building these healthy habits in a way that works for your unique life! The result? True sustainability and change. 

Plus these amazing BONUSES!


Daily prompts to help you explore, reflect, discover, and challenge your relationship with yourself. Honest self-awareness is an important component of any acceptance journey.


Many of our Balance365ers want the same freedom for their partners as they have found in our program. The same philosophy and health and wellness habits, but adapted for men. 


In the Balance365 Family Feeding Guide we cover how parents can help their children grow into healthy competent eaters without being restrictive or creating an environment where their child starts to overeat. 


 A 12-week home workout plan designed to quickly and effectively build a strong body A mix of workouts that include bodyweight only, or dumbbells and resistance band.

Who IS

Fat Loss Foundations


  • Women who are tired of yo-yo dieting

  • Women who want to lose weight but are sick of punishing themselves

  • Women who are thinking "there has to be a better way"

  • Women who are going to make sure their children don't suffer from dieting like they have. They are ready to be the change.

In Balance365 Fat Loss Foundations, we take you out of the diet cycle and guide you in building skills and habits that will give you results for life.


We're going to teach you a new mindset so you can take action like a person who has been successful with weight loss *and* has a healthy relationship with food.


 (Because seriously: you may know someone who has been successful with weight loss, but do you know anyone who's been successful without a whole lot of anxiety, obsession, and restrictive dieting practices? We sure do - our clients!)

Here's what the reviews are saying...



Step 1.

Click below to get instant access to your online course!

Step 2.

Get started! The first video will guide you in what to expect and then you'll continue through the program at your own pace. But don’t worry! It’s more than just reading and videos, right away you’ll be prompted to start using the guides and worksheets to implement new healthy habits!

Step 3.

Finally build a peaceful and loving relationship with food and your body!



Balance365 was founded in 2015 because we shared a vision for the world, one where women were free of the shame they felt about their bodies and continuously trying to diet their way to health and happiness. We had both spent years dieting and between the two of us have 25 years of experience trying dozens of different diets. We know dieting is unsustainable, exhausting, and puts women on track for failure and long-term weight gain - not health and weight loss. Today we coach women who want to lose weight without restriction, but most importantly to us, without hating themselves in the process. 

Have questions about weight loss and nutrition? We've got answers! In this week's episode, we're sharing a recent live Q+A we filmed in our free Facebook group: Weight Loss Without Restriction. In case you didn't know, we go live every Thursday to answer your questions 🧐 This week we're talking about avoiding the feeling to "restart" every Monday, what to do when you feel full but not satisfied, and MORE! Join us!

On a personal note, Annie went from a size 24 to a size 12 with the system we use in Balance365 - simple, doable, flexible habits and a commitment to self-care. Jen was able to escape the toxic cycle of bingeing and restricting and now enjoys a a healthy, balanced life where her weight isn't her life's purpose.

Balance365 was created to help women reclaim their physical and emotional wellness so they can move on and live their lives without the crushing weight of diet culture. 

We don’t just care about weight loss. We care about the whole person.


What is the expected time commitment?

There is no set amount of required time you must spend on Balance365 Fat Loss Foundations per day. On average, if you can commit 15 minutes per day to Balance365 Fat Loss Foundations, we think you’ll thrive! Our goal is to get you the information you need so you can get out and start practicing your new habits and seeing results! We don’t want you stuck behind a computer screen reading all day. 

What format is this course delivered in?

Once you buy, you'll get instant access to your online course portal filled with video lessons, PDF's, worksheets and of course your bonuses! 

What’s the difference between weight loss and fat loss?

Most women we work with are actually looking for fat loss specifically, which is why we prefer the term. Fat loss refers specifically to a decrease in body fat, often noticed in a lesser body circumference, whereas weight loss can come from losing muscle, water and fat.

How is this different from a diet?

Our mission at Balance365 is to help you find a way of eating that is physically and psychologically sustainable so you can keep it up for life! In short, we’re here to help you find your unique fat loss formula, so you can lose weight without strict rules or all-or-nothing, unsustainable health and wellness practices. We combine nutrition science with behavior change science, offering a balanced and flexible approach to wellness. We don't just want to help you find a healthier weight - we want you to heal your relationship with food and feel at home in your body. We would argue this is the only sustainable approach to fat loss.

What's the difference between the Fat Loss Foundations course and the Coaching program?

The Fat Loss Foundations course is perfect for women who want to ditch diets, understand weight loss without restriction and start implementing sustainable fat loss skills at their own pace. The Balance365 Coaching program opens up enrollment only a few times a year and includes a similar curriculum at Fat Loss Foundations but additionally includes support and accountability with on-demand Balance365 coaches, daily group coaching calls, and live workouts.

Do you give meal plans?

No (and for good reason). Our goal is to help women learn how to lose weight for life, not for a temporary period of time by telling you exactly what to eat. We teach you habits and skills and show you how you can apply them to any meal or social situation. 

Can I do your COURSE if I’m a vegan, vegetarian or have any other dietary restrictions?

Yes. We know your long term success lies in helping you create a sustainable way of eating that aligns with how you want to (or must) eat. We can’t stress enough that you do not have to overhaul your life or your nutrition preferences in order to find success with Balance365.

I’m going through menopause, will this COURSE still be able to help me lose weight?

Absolutely. We have women in our program from every stage and phase of life.

What if I have a lot of weight to lose? Can this COURSE help?

The process we recommend for weight loss when you have a lot to lose is the same as when you have less to lose. It’s all about balance, sustainability, consistency, and having access to great coaching for support and accountability. One of our founders (Annie Brees) has gone from a size 24 to a size 12 so she understands how intimidating the journey can be and the sabotaging thoughts that can derail you. There are many women in our community who share this goal, so you are in good company. We’re here for you.

What if I don’t have a significant amount of weight to lose but know I need to work on my mindset. Can I still join?

If you don’t mind being in the company of women who are on weight loss journeys then you can absolutely still join and benefit from Fat Loss Foundations. At its core, Balance365 is about long term health and sustainable habit change. We know there are many women who are comfortable with their body weight (or have smaller weight loss goals) but strongly desire to shift their mindsets, change their relationship with food and their bodies, and create healthier habits. Our program addresses all three. 

What if I’m scared I’ll fail?

At Balance365 we say, “you can’t fail at learning what works for you.” You can ditch all your restrictive diet rules and impossible fitness programs and feel confident that you’re joining a program that is going to help you figure out a way to eat, move and live that feels enjoyable and sustainable for you. 

Where are your client’s before and after photos?

Great question! At Balance365 we believe it’s essential for women to learn to love and care for their “now” bodies. After surveying hundreds of women and listening to their thoughts and feelings about “before and after” photos, our current policy is to not ask our clients to provide them to us. That said, if you find them helpful in your own journey, feel free to use them in a way that feels positive for you!  

Can I use my health benefits to pay for Fat Loss Foundations?

How can I use my Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA), or employee wellness benefits to pay for Balance365? If your doctor recommends nutrition changes and/or weight loss for a specific condition, which may include but not limited to, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, pre-diabetes, or arthritis the United States government may allow you to use funds from your pre-tax accounts such as your FSA or HSA to pay for your Balance365 Coaching membership or Fat Loss Foundations purchase. Additionally, some employers may offer a stipend for various wellness services that may cover your Balance365 membership. Claim processes and eligibility vary by provider. To determine your eligibility, we recommend you carefully review the following steps:

  1. Contact your HSA, FSA Benefit Specialist, or HR Administrator to find out if you are eligible to use your FSA/HSA card or can be reimbursed for Balance365 Coaching 
  2. You may be asked to obtain a letter of medical necessity from your doctor. This form may be provided by your account vendor or HR department. You can find a link to our Balance365 sample form here.  Please note, the letter of medical necessity is only for your records. Balance365 does not require one. 
  3. Check out using your FSA/HSA Card. Balance365 accepts FSA/HSA cards but can not guarantee a card will not be declined. Card issuers are still at liberty to authorize or decline any payment as they would with any other type of credit card.
  4. Print and submit your receipts for Balance365  as requested by your provider/vendor
Please note that Balance365 does not provide medical or tax advice.  This is intended for informational purposes only.  You should consult your medical doctor and/or account provider for professional information regarding your eligibility and benefits.  If you use an HSA/FSA card for your method of payment, you acknowledge that you are responsible for determining whether this purchase will be a qualified medical expense, for submitting any required information to the IRS, and for any penalties you may receive as a result.

- Jessica S.

"Balance365 helped me find what works for me. There is no one size fits all…. but the end goal is all of the habits move you to a balanced, well rounded, healthy person who lives in moderation and yes lets her hair drown every once in awhile! I am so incredibly grateful for this insight into life."

Rachel Greaves

- Rachel G.

"Balance365 appealed to me because it got to the root of WHY I was making less-than-great choices. When I started Balance365 I was a wearing a size large, which I knew wasn’t my natural size. I’m now wearing a small and have lost about 16kg (35lbs) according to my doctor’s scale. If you open your mind to it, and learn to trust yourself, Balance365 will change your life."

If not now, when?

It's time to stop fighting against your body and to start working WITH it to achieve your weight loss goals.