Episode 91: Growing Teens And Appetites: Building Healthy Food Relationships With Ahuva Magder Hershkop

November 27, 2019

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Episode Overview

Jen and Annie are joined by Ahuva Magder Hershkop to address the specific challenges of feeding adolescents – how do you know they are eating enough, eating the right things and developing good relationships with food? Find out how to cope with feelings and expectations around feeding your teen when they have so much more independence.

 What you’ll hear in this episode

  • The reduction of parental control of food when kids become teens
  • The importance of role modeling healthy food behaviors
  • The reality of teens having spending money
  • Money management and nutrition conversations with teens
  • Letting kids fail and make mistakes
  • Proactive conversations versus in the moment direct responses
  • Nutrition education in school
  • Adding vs subtracting to improve nutrition
  • The value of checking your own issues and putting on a neutral front about food
  • What open dialogue looks like
  • The importance of “heart foods”
  • Social eating and peer pressure
  • Nutritional needs of athletic kids
  • Guiding food choices when you’re not home
  • Managing expectations around whether kids eat their veggies every time or not
  • The veggie tray revolution and making fruit and veggies more accessible
  • Curating your environment for better food choices
  • Transitioning your kids to preparing healthy options on their own
  • Modeling what a healthful meal looks like
  • The division of responsibility and teens
  • Picky eating: how addressing it differs with teens
  • The need for teen buy in to address picky eating
  • The social and emotional impacts of picky eating
  • How many times your teen will need to see or interact with a food before trying it and why that’s different than younger kids
  • Non-weight related healthy habits changes and why they still matter
  • Should you worry if your child is “overweight”?
  • Should kids know or worry about their weight?
  • Body diversity, social media comparisons, and perceptions of what shapes are acceptable
  • Educating our teens on the dangers of dieting



Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.