Episode 88: Self Care For Busy Moms

October 16, 2019

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Episode Overview

Jen, Annie, and Lauren are joined by CC Sutton, professional speaker, and life coach, to discuss how busy moms can make time for self-care, what it can look like and why it is so important. Listen in to level up how you take care of yourself!

 What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Self-care as a non-negotiable item
  • Work-life balance versus work-life integration
  • Communicating about the time you’ve carved out for yourself
  • Binging and restricting on self-care
  • Paid and free self-care
  • Baby steps to building up a self-care routine
  •  Four things we have to change when we think about self-care
  • Changing our feelings about self-care
  • Asking for support instead of permission
  • Shifting your self-care approach
  • Checking in with yourself about your social media use
  • Taking control of your time
  • The value of a time audit
  • Time blocking for better productivity
  • Applying “all or something” to self-care
  • Self-preservation and mindset during seasons of busy
  • Getting over the guilt of asking for support
  • Releasing unnecessary expectations in relationships
  • Clarifying, recalibrating, and correcting
  • Communicating needs “before the house burns down”
  • Integrating meditation into everyday life
  • Self-care as a lifestyle
  • Carving out time apart and why it’s important
  • Being proactive about self-care
  • Overscheduling and how it can be problematic
  • The Three Big Tasks rule
  • Finding something you enjoy to do weekly



Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.