Episode 83: Should Kids Be Using Fitness Trackers?

September 11, 2019

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Episode Overview

If you’re a parent, you might be aware of fitness trackers for kids and your kid might even be asking for one. But are they really a good idea? Jen, Annie, and Lauren discuss this complex issue to help arm you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Fitness tracker related issues with adults
  • Looking at the needs and risk factors of your child
  • Perfectionism as a risk factor for disordered eating and exercise
  • Competition as a motivator
  • Gamification of movement – is it good or bad?
  • Age-appropriate tracking and awareness
  • The ethics of mass marketing to kids
  • How tracking can impact how your kid views food and exercise
  • Black and white thinking in children and how that relates to food and fitness
  • The prevalence of dieting and food issues among children
  • Being mindful of your own relationship with tracking as a parent
  • How you talk to your kids about their tracked data
  • Apps and data privacy – who knows what about your kids?
  • Extreme solutions and considering moderation
  • The bandwagon effect on kids and adults



Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.