Episode 58: Balance365 Member Spotlight: Beth

March 20, 2019

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Episode Overview

The Member Spotlight Mini Series continues as Jen and Annie interview Beth, a long-time Balance365 members whose daily gym selfies help keep other community members stay motivated. Beth is one of the amazing women in the Balance365 community – tune in for her inspiring, down to earth perspective on healthy habits and the good that comes from them that goes far beyond weight loss.

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • What was going on for Beth when she joined
  • How Beth found the Balance365/Healthy Habits Happy Moms community
  • Getting past when you get “stuck”
  • The habit that made the biggest difference for Beth
  • Meal planning for a season – Beth’s approach
  • Why Beth does daily gym selfies
  • How Beth found habits became wellness snowballs
  • The role of mutual support between women on social media
  • Feminism and weight loss
  • The problem with goal weights
  • Setting goals you can control vs goals you can influence
  • Beth’s advice to anyone on the fence about Balance365
  • Beth’s advice to anyone feeling stuck about starting the program
  • Weight loss of a byproduct and the other benefits of eating in a balanced way
  • Moderation as a way to reclaim the body you were meant to have
  • Balanced eating as a way to manage existing health conditions
  • The role of the diet industry in weight gain



Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.