Episode 39: Five Stages Of Behavior Change

November 7, 2018

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Episode Overview

Jen, Annie, Lauren and Melissa, Balance 365 Life’s head coach, examine the stages of behavior change, what they look like and how to move between them in a sustainable way to reach your goals. Having insights into how change comes about can help you make the changes that really matter to – and also to help you figure out what they are. There’s no one size fits all solution to building a life you’re completely in love with, but if you have awareness of the stages, you can make change happens more easily.

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • The Transtheoretical Model and how it relates to change
  • How long you spend in each stage
  • The first stage of behavior change
  • Precontemplation, what it is and what it means
  • How can you help a family member take the next step?
  • What the contemplation stage looks like
  • Your core values and how they relate to habit change
  • Ambivalence and how it impacts how you feel about your habits
  • Decisional balance and how it can fuel change
  • Where will you be in ten years if you make a change?
  • All or something and habit change
  • Holding the line and progressing: seasons of change
  • The preparation stage and what it looks like
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Moving from preparation to action
  • Taking baby steps towards your goals
  • Momentum and habit change
  • If you cannot believe you cannot achieve
  • The difference 6 months makes
  • The value of playing the long game
  • Habits when things get tough
  • The non-linear nature of progress
  • Learning how to keep on moving
  • Why maintenance is hard but necessary
  • Relapse prevention and post-relapse analysis
  • Busting boredom with routine to avoid relapse
  • Why New Year’s resolutions don’t stick
  • Why wellness challenges don’t work
  • Designing a plan that works for you
  • Removing the morality from change



Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.