Episode 304: How to Create a Life You Want (Reshare)

December 27, 2023

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Episode Overview

Today we’re bringing back an incredibly popular episode that deserves your attention, even if you’ve heard it before. Do you ever feel like you’re sleepwalking through your life? We work with so many women who don’t know what they want or why they want it. They are subconsciously going through the motions of life, pursuing what they “should” want – not what they actually want.

In this reshared episode, we provide you with some tough questions to ask yourself so you can start defining what it is you truly want so you can go out and get it for yourself. Come listen, and don’t forget the tissues.

If you’re moved by this episode and considering making some changes to live a life you WANT, get on our waitlist now. Our world-class coaches are ready and waiting to help you get there! Don’t wait! Coaching opens to the waitlist in January. We’ll see you on the other side.

Key Points

  • What it means to say “women are sleeping”
  • Common signs that someone is asleep
  • How Jen and Annie discovered when they were asleep
  • Ways you can close the divide between where you are and who you want to be


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