Episode 303: Q+A – Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About Food?

December 20, 2023

Today we’re bringing back an incredibly popular episode that deserves your attention, even if you’ve heard it before. Do you ever feel like you’re sleepwalking through your life? We work with so many women who don’t know what they want or why they want it. They are subconsciously going through the motions of life, pursuing what they “should” want - not what they actually want.

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Episode Overview

Today, we’re tackling a fantastic question from one of our listeners: “Why do I think about food all day?” In this short episode, we get right to the point. We break down the four most common reasons why we see women caught in an endless loop of food thoughts and how to break free. Enjoy!

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Key Points

  • Annie and Jen share their experiences of obsessively thinking about food
  • Four main reasons why women can’t stop thinking about food and what to do about it

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