Episode 179: The Lies We Tell Ourselves That Sabotage Weight Loss

August 4, 2021

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Episode Overview

Oh, the lies we tell ourselves that sabotage weight loss! Don’t worry… we ALL do it, and speaking from both personal and coaching experience, we can tell you that humans are great at telling themselves small (and big!) fibs. These lies can lead to a lot of frustration when you find yourself stuck spinning your wheels over and over, getting nowhere. Today we share some of the most common lies we see women telling themselves when they’re on health or weight loss journeys. Because, believe it or not, living authentically and intentionally requires… honesty!

We’re also hosting a free workshop this month called 3 Steps to End Emotional Eating (and Stop Self-Sabotage). Emotional eating and self-sabotage are the top two issues our Balance365 members report struggling with, and we can’t wait to share our process with you.

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Key Points

  • How to determine if you’re in the right mindset to address the lies you tell yourself
  • The most common lies we tell ourselves that sabotage weight loss
  • How to get more honest with yourself


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