Episode 163: How Body Shame Can Lead To Future Weight Gain

April 14, 2021

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Episode Overview

It’s popular to think that shame is a great motivator for weight loss. Just take a look at shows like The Biggest Loser. A lot of women use shameful feelings about their own body as a reason to go through diet extremes, or use exercise as punishment for what they ate. And while their new “healthy” journey may FEEL like a positive step in the beginning, it rarely turns out that way. We believe that if women don’t learn to healthfully process moments of body shame, they will almost always be setting down a path that is most likely to result in weight gain—not weight loss.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. And in this episode, we are here to explain how your weight loss journey can look very different from what you’ve been conditioned to believe.

We’d also like to announce that we are bringing back our incredibly popular workshop in May—Cut the Crap: how to simplify weight loss and get out of your own way. We’ll be going live with you all to deliver a little real talk, a little tough love, but best of all, help you clear out all the clutter you have about weight loss, nutrition, exercise…. and SIMPLIFY your process.

You can find the link to register for this workshop here. We can’t WAIT to see you there!

Key Points

  • The connection between body shame and future weight gain
  • The steps you can take to stop feeling shame about your body
  • Can I love myself and still want to lose weight?


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