Episode 160: When You Feel Triggered By Your Partner’s Diet Or Weight Loss

March 24, 2021

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Episode Overview

So your partner (or someone close to you) has started a diet. They may even be dropping weight fast.

We know it can be challenging to watch someone go through a health and wellness journey that is different from your own. It can bring up a range of feelings from jealousy to resentment to inadequacy. If you need help processing your emotions or beliefs around this, Jen and Annie are here to tackle that topic today. Join them on this week’s podcast episode as they discuss what you can do when you feel triggered by your partner’s diet or weight loss.

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Key Points

  • Why we can feel triggered about a partner’s diet or weight loss
  • How we can unpack and process our feelings and beliefs around other people’s diets and weight loss
  • Understanding that your feelings and beliefs are your responsibility
  • What you can do if you have children in your family
  • How to understand how everyone is on their own journey

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