Episode 153: Member Spotlight – Finding Self Love, Self Care, And Sustainable Weight Loss With Kiki

February 3, 2021

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Episode Overview

Meet Balance365 lifer and ray of sunshine, Kiki! In this week’s episode, Kiki shares their journey from day one of becoming a Balance365 member to where they are now, and how much they’ve grown along the way.

Before joining Balance365, Kiki was starving themself and exercising twice a day in the name of weight loss. They felt hungry constantly and were struggling with depression. But with support from the Balance365 community, Kiki had a “holy sh*t moment.” They learned how to break free from guilt, shame, and hate and are now focused on living life fully and unapologetically.

We hope that when you get to know them, you’ll smile just as much as we did! Enjoy!

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Key Points

  • Kiki, Jen, and Annie discuss how you can navigate the “messy-middle” of self-love and fat loss
  • Is weighing yourself helpful or hurtful to *your* journey
  • How Balance365 helps people walk in their truth and learn to live unapologetically.
  • How having a community that offers both compassion and support but also tough love is key to your success.

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