Episode 149: Member Spotlight – How Phaedra’s Mindset Shift Led To A 30lb Weight Loss

January 6, 2021

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Episode Overview

You are in for a treat today, friends! In this episode, we’re interviewing a super special Balance365 member from eastern Canada! Phaedra is an incredibly kind, compassionate woman who is SO supportive of all the members in our community. She’s also a mom, a full-time therapist, and she’s lost (and kept off) 30lbs with the Balance365 program.

Like many of our guests Phaedra shares that she didn’t lose weight because she made it the focal point of her life…. Rather she opened herself up to a whole different perspective: the Balance365 program. In this episode you will not only hear the details of Phaedra’s journey, you will learn that what she values most are the mindset shifts and insights into her health.

It all starts with how we think and view ourselves, my friends. We know many of you will relate to Phaedra on a deeply personal level and be inspired by the change she’s created in her life.

Are you in?

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