Episode 137: Member Spotlight: How Megan Lost 45lbs With Balanced Nutrition + Self Care

October 7, 2020

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Episode Overview

This week we’re joined by Balance365 member, Megan. Megan is a busy, full-time physician and mom to 3 boys. She is a long-time member who has had an incredible journey with us. Megan says Balance365 has been life-changing for her, helping her gain body acceptance, food freedom, and countless other habits that support her in feeling physically and emotionally well.

Not only have the habits that Megan implemented resulted in 45lbs of fat loss, she’s also become passionate about calling out diet culture and modeling healthy food and body relationships to her children.

As a mom and a healthcare provider, Megan’s schedule is F-U-L-L! If you’ve ever thought you’re “too busy” for Balance365, we know this episode will change your mind!

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