Episode 133: What vs How You Eat And Why It Matters For Fat Loss

September 9, 2020

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Episode Overview

Most of us have a basic understanding of nutrition. If you think back to your elementary nutrition lessons you probably learned about food groups and how different types of foods fuel and nourish our bodies. The idea of nutrition education is to instill healthy, regulated eating habits in children. Over the years nutrition education has been obliterated by diet companies and food gurus. Now instead of learning about the basics, we are bombarded with messaging about all that is bad and wrong.

This has led us to become so consumed with what we’re eating that we’ve lost sight of how we’re eating. We’ve deviated from thinking about how food makes us feel (nutrition behavior) because we’re so laser-focused on eating the “right” things (nutrition choices).

What if your obsession with the right and wrong foods is driving your dysregulated eating habits? Perhaps you eat a fairly nutritious diet, you just eat in a chaotic manner that leaves you overconsuming.

Join Annie and Jen as they dive deep into their past dieting days, detail what it means to be a dysregulated eater and the steps they took to become nutritious, regulated eaters.


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