Episode 132: Member Spotlight: Navigating Balance365, Fat Loss And A Diabetes Diagnosis

September 2, 2020

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Episode Overview

Meet Balance365 member, Jennifer Hysuick! As a fellow ‘Saskie’, Jennifer hails from Saskatchewan Canada, with prairie girl roots akin to our very own co-founder, Jen Campbell. As a beloved and long-time member of Balance365, Jennifer found herself at a crossroads amidst a sudden diabetes diagnosis.

In this podcast, Jennifer shares how she used Balance365 to navigate a new lifestyle without panicking or plunging herself back into restrictive dieting. Through perseverance and her B365 principles and practices, Jennifer was able to walk her journey with balance and self-compassion. Jennifer may have lost 80lbs in the process, but the self-love she gained was by far more important than the pounds. We hope you are as inspired by Jennifer as we are!

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