Episode 128: How Sleep Impacts Fat Loss

August 5, 2020

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Episode Overview

Do you wear “busy” as a badge of honor?

Is Netflix constantly asking, “are you still watching?”

We live in a culture that applauds productivity but also offers an abundance of cheap, accessible and soothing escape buttons from that exhausting, productive life. The CDC reports that approximately 1 in 3 Americans are regularly short on sleep. After working with thousands of women we’ve learned this is often due to being overscheduled on one hand and an overreliance on numbing behaviors (like Netflix-bingeing) on the other. You likely know what you gain by staying up late but have you ever considered what you are losing out on?

In this episode, Jen and Annie discuss the benefits of maintaining a healthy relationship with sleep, detail how to create a wind-down routine for yourself and why Balance365 considers sleep a foundation for fat loss and overall health and wellness.


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