Episode 115: Cut The Crap: Tough Love From Jen & Annie

April 29, 2020

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Episode Overview

Balance365 values self-love and self-compassion but that don’t mean we avoid uncomfortable conversations. Over the last six years we’ve observed there are some very common patterns among the women we work with that perpetuate staying stuck and producing the same lackluster results over and over.  It’s time for us to lovingly kick you in the butt and help you cut the crap! In this episode, Balance365 co-founders Jen and Annie discuss the 7 most common mindsets that will get women nowhere and how they can work on transforming themselves into goal-getting badasses!

What You’ll Hear in this Episode

  • What is victim mindset and how does it hold us back?
  • How being a victim is different from having a victim mindset
  • How overthinking is holding you back when it comes to food and exercise
  • The best way to just do it! (Whatever you are having trouble doing…)
  • What it means to be discomfort avoidant
  • How being uncomfortable is actually magic
  • Being validation dependent and how it holds you back
  • Rebel Syndrome – that being a rebel doesn’t actually help you meet your goals
  • That you may be uncoachable and why that hinders  your progress



Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.