Episode 113: Strength Tips Your Trainer Won’t Tell You

April 15, 2020

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Episode Overview

Balance365 coach Michelle is back on the podcast with Balance365 co-founder Annie to once again dispel some exercise myths. Forget about “no pain, no gain,” and lean into the idea of “all or something.” All exercise is good, and this episode will give you a confidence boost with some practical tips for gaining the strength you’re striving for.

What You’ll Hear in this Episode

  • How phrases like “No pain, no gain” are harmful and BS
  • That you do not need to be sore after a workout for it to matter
  • How any kind of exercise is good enough and all adds up
  • How to take the “all or something” approach to exercise and strength training
  • Tricks to get you going when you’re not motivated


Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.