Episode 28: How to Get Out of a Slump

August 1, 2018

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Episode Overview

Everybody gets into a slump from time to time, but how do you pull yourself out of one? In this episode Jen, Annie, and Lauren tackle how to get yourself out of a rut and back to practicing the habits that make you feel good. They discuss their own personal approaches and the recommendations they make to Balance 365ers every day.

What you’ll hear on this episode

  • The negative feedback loop and how that can affect the duration of your slump
  • How social media can give the illusion we are the only ones who are struggling
  • The power of acknowledgment and acceptance
  • The impact of expectations and the value placed on productivity by society
  • The myth of doing it all
  • The glorification of busy – resisting the temptation to fight a slump with too much activity
  • Identifying the canaries in the coal mines
  • The law of diminishing returns – when self-care isn’t self-care anymore
  • Self-compassion and what it really means (and doesn’t!)
  • Taking a personal day/hour/part of a day – strategies for busy families
  • How social media can feed a slump
  • How to maintain a positive mental diet
  • Spiraling negativity and how that comes out in our conversations with others
  • Building in accountability for behavior that doesn’t support our goals
  • Hurt people hurt people – and how we can stop
  • Guarding your energy
  • The relationship between motivation and action
  • How Jen, Annie & Lauren get out of a slump
  • The physical and emotional labor of feeding our families
  • Good, Better, Best – making peace with imperfect choices



Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.