Episode 24: Before And After Photos – Comparison, The Thief of Joy

June 26, 2018

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Episode Overview

If you’ve been on social media, chances are you’ve seen Before and After photos. These popular marketing tools and ways to share updates about our bodies have underlying meanings which Jen, Annie, and Lauren explore. Beyond the Before and After pictures, they discuss other data points and dimensions of diet culture.

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • The underlying fatphobic message in before pictures
  • To share or not to share? The dilemma before and after pictures present
  • Before and After pictures in diet culture
  • How diet marketers use Before and After pictures
  • How the way we talk about our bodies impacts other people who look like us
  • How early kids start preferring to have a thinner body
  • Comparison and objectification and how they dehumanize us
  • The danger of prioritizing weight loss over emotional and mental health
  • The prevalence of fad diets
  • The emotional experience of weight regain
  • Alternate before and after perspectives
  • The messages before and after pictures send
  • Falling in love with the process
  • Why a sustainable approach is so important
  • The problem with focussing exclusively on weight loss
  • Healthy weight ranges versus goal weights – shifting perspective
  • The universal nature of weight related shame
  • How to respond to Before and After photos
  • Acknowledging results with context
  • Learning to see weight as a data point or feedback



Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.