Episode 18: From Obsessed to De-Stressed: A Balance365 Journey

May 1, 2018

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Episode Overview

Annie, Lauren and Jen are joined by longtime Balance 365 member Sarah Cole to discuss how the program has helped her take control of her fitness, nutrition and other important lifestyle habits (and lost 50 pounds in the process!) Here is what they talked about and why they all ended up doing Beyonce hair flips by the end:

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Yo-yo weight loss and food group restriction
  • The slippery slope of “clean eating”
  • The reality of reaching your goal weight and what that can mean
  • The value of mindset and sustainability as part of a lifelong plan
  • Weight loss as part of women’s identity – when striving becomes who you are
  • Gaining perspective on the relative significance of your weight loss efforts
  • Negative self talk vs self-love as motivation for healthy changes
  • Why you don’t need to run on self-deprecation
  • The moment Sarah almost threw in the towel and the game changer that made it all work
  • Spiraling up and how self love can keep you from re-entering negative cycles
  • Eating for power and fuel
  • The difference eating 3-4 meals a day makes
  • What is Balance 365 and why is it different?
  • Realistic weight loss progress and its impact on functional fitness and overall health
  • Learning to “fish” – implementing lessons in daily life
  • Sarah’s advice for current and prospective members
  • Trusting the process and seeing the results



Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.