Episode 16: Feeding Our Families – Growing Healthy Relationships With Food

April 18, 2018

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Episode Overview

Annie, Lauren, and Jen discuss how Balance365 principles apply to feeding our kids. What they have found is that Balance365 participants have eagerly tried to apply the principles they have learned to feeding their kids, not realizing there are limits to how the principles used with adults can be applied. This is why Lauren developed Feeding Our Families as an add-on to the Balance365 program.

Here’s what was discussed this week

  • Why kids need to be fed differently
  • Division of responsibility in feeding
  • Should kids get to pick their portion size?
  • Grazing and how it impacts our kids appetite and behaviour
  • How to get better behaviour at the dinner table
  • Why kids sometimes overeat and how you can encourage self-regulation
  • Accepting our children’s bodies
  • The impacts of interfering with the eating behaviours of our kids
  • Picky eaters and how kids learn to like new foods
  • Should you pressure your kids to try new things?
  • Why kids crave sweets and how tastes change over time
  • Growth charts and what they really mean
  • Dealing with hunger between mealtimes
  • Transitioning to more (or less!) structure and what that looks like
  • The value of family meals and making “all or something” work for you
  • Snacking best practices to help your child tune into their appetite
  • Guidelines of what should be offered at mealtimes
  • Batch cooking for convenience
  • Managing treats and Halloween candy
  • The Pink Polar Bear Effect
  • Food Hoarding and restriction
  • What is age-appropriate nutrition information?
  • When can kids start participating in meal planning?
  • Nutrition education in schools
  • A navigating conversation about nutrition with your kids