Episode 15: Habits 101 – Hack Your Habits, Change Your Life

April 9, 2018

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Episode Overview

Annie and Lauren discuss the foundation of the Healthy Habits Happy Moms approach which is based on building habits (as the name suggests.) This podcast is designed to be a basic Habits 101 foundation to teach you how and why you should build healthy habits. Habits are the foundation of the Balance365 program and are discussed more extensively there, but this is a helpful overview of the principles of the HHHM lifestyle.

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • What’s missing from most programs: The “How”
  • Making life changes effortless – not a pipe dream
  • Why HHHM focusses on habits
  • Habits as energy conservation tactics
  • How habits help us automate behavior
  • Personalizing habits: choose your own adventure
  • The 3 R’s of Habits
  • Avoiding overwhelm: the relationship between the number of changes made and the likelihood of those
  • changes sticking long term
  • Identity-based goals vs performance or appearance goals
  • How to figure out your habit triggers and why you need to
  • Environmental triggers and how they impact your habits
  • Preceding events: the building blocks of habits and how to identify them
  • Habit hack: getting your reps in
  • Neural pathways and how they increase with repetition
  • How long it really takes to build a habit
  • Planning for failure with if/then statements
  • Why “boring” works  
  • The power of starting small
  • Curating your environment to support your goals
  • Out of sight out of mind and what do those drawers in the fridge really do?
  • Setting yourself up for success by removing obstacles
  • All Or Nothing or All Or Something: when -ish happens