3 Steps to End 
Emotional Eating

A self-paced mini course for women who want to find peace in their relationship with food

It’s time to stop feeling out of control and put emotional eating in your past!


I EAT GREAT Until THE 3 o’clock SLUMP hits…

Certain times of day trigger you to eat and you don't know how to stop.


You try your best, but in the moment you can't seem to control yourself.


Eating has become your go-to reward for making it through the day.


Emotional eating is impacting your physical and emotional health, and you’re ready to find real peace with food for the first time.


Imagine yourself a week from now...

It’s 9pm. This is usually when you’d dive head first into the ice cream tub or the bag of chips. 

But this time, you pause. Something’s changed. You completed an emotional eating course and you now know that you are in control and you have other options to handle your emotions; options that are more aligned with your goals and how you want to feel. You get out the tools you received in the course and use them to stop emotional eating in its tracks.

How would that feel? It’s possible, let us show you how.


3 Steps to End Emotional Eating

A self paced mini course for women who want to find peace in their relationship with food!

Here's everything that's included...

  • Lesson 1: Understanding Emotional Eating
  • Lesson 2: Why it's Not About the Food
  • Lesson 3: The Balance365 Emotional Eating Framework
  • BONUS #1: The “Should I Eat?” Emotional Eating Flowchart
  • BONUS #2: 4 Emotional Eating Coaching Call Recordings
  • BONUS #3: The “Changing Your Thoughts” Worksheet
  • BONUS #4: The “Stop Emotional Eating In Its Tracks” Worksheet
  • BONUS #5: Meditation for Sitting With Feelings

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover during the course; 

3 Steps to End Emotional Eating


(40 minutes)

  • Why We Eat
  • What is Emotional Eating?
  • Emotional Eating Myths/Truths
  • The ONE thing you have to stop doing

Lesson 2: WHY It's Not About The Food

(30 minutes)

  • Rethinking Emotional Eating Solutions
  • Understanding Thoughts + Feeling
  • Two Solutions You Need to Know
  • How Emotional Eating Hurts & How it Helps

Lesson 3: THE Balance365 Emotional Eating Framework

(30 minutes)

  • How to Stop Emotional Eating Before It Starts
  • What To Do When You Can’t Say No
  • You’ve Emotionally Eaten… Now What?
  • How to use this framework every time you feel the urge

3 Steps to End Emotional Eating is the only course of it’s kind that not only teaches you the why’s and what’s behind emotional eating but also gives you a framework to apply when you need it the most!

Here’s what else is different about the 3 Steps to End Emotional Eating Mini-Course

  • Teaches you a psychological approach! Anyone can tell you that you don’t need to eat. But if it was that easy, you wouldn’t be here. The missing piece? Your mindset and tools to shift it. 

  • Easy to follow bite size video lessons for busy women.

  • Evidence based approach that has been successful for thousands of women.

  • Step by step approach to guide you through dismantling your current beliefs and building a new relationship with food.

  • PLUS: Bonus tools to support you through emotional eating in real time! 

  • PLUS: Watch 4 real women being coached through the exact same issues you’re facing.

Women just like you are using the information from this course to change their lives. 

Here's what they have to say...

How it will work...


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Complete the course feeling at peace with your body and food!

"I'm ready to end emotional eating!"

When you walk away from 3 Steps to End Emotional Eating you’ll know exactly…

  • Why you emotionally eat
  • How emotional eating has been hurting you physically and emotionally 
  • The solutions to your specific emotional eating struggles
  • What steps to take to find peace with food and feel in control of your eating choices

We love helping women overcome emotional eating and live their fullest lives.

We are Jen Campbell and Annie Brees, and we're on a mission to free women from the diet cycle, repair their relationship with food, and help them find their ideal body weight without restriction and obsession. It's kinda personal for us! We each have our own story of overcoming diet culture to experiencing true freedom and sustainable weight loss. 

Our passion is showing women that they can achieve their health and wellness goals in a balanced way that preserves their emotional health, happiness and freedom.

Women who work with us say things like this...


Emotional eating can look different for different people. Do you ever...

  • Feel shame or guilt after eating?
  • Promise to do better then go off the rails?
  •  Find yourself eating when not hungry?
  • Feel frustrated you can't seem to say no to food?


Frequently asked questions

Will I be able to stop emotional eating?

This mini-course includes awareness, strategies, frameworks and tools for you to use in your journey to overcome emotional eating. If you implement what you learn in each lesson and practice using the resources we provide, we are confident you will be able to achieve a significant reduction in your emotional eating.  As you will learn in this workshop, eliminating emotional eating from your life isn't the goal, it's reducing it to a level that feels manageable. You're a human, not a robot.

How do I know this is for me?

If you are a woman who struggles with any of the below:
  • Feelings of shame or guilt after eating
  • Feeling like your healthy eating goes “off the rails”
  • Have eating experiences that feel out-of-control
  • Eat when you’re not hungry
  • Don’t understand why you can’t say no to food
Then this workshop is for you!

I have a weight loss goal, will this help?

Achieving weight loss comes down to long-term, sustainable behaviour change. Frequent emotional eating episodes can be what stands in many people's way of becoming leaner. If this describes you, then this course will definitely help.

How long will it take to complete the course?

TLDR: We estimate it will take most women 3-4 hours to complete.

This mini course was designed with busy women in mind (we know many of you fit that bill)! To make sure this mini-course could be as impactful and actionable as possible, it includes video content, worksheets and actionable tools! During the lessons, you’ll be prompted to pause and reflect on all the elements involved in resolving your emotional eating habits. Depending on the amount of reflection and time spent pausing during each lesson and while working on the worksheets, this course could take anywhere from 2-5 hours.

I have a history of disordered eating, is this for me?

Eating disorders are complex mental health conditions that require the support of a multidisciplinary healthcare team. If you are struggling with eating disorder behaviours, please see your healthcare provider. See this link if you are unsure.  Disordered eating includes a range of irregular eating behaviors, including restrictive eating practices and food preoccupations. This course is appropriate, and likely very beneficial, for those with disordered eating histories.

You don’t have to spend one more week stuck in the emotional eating and shame cycle.

Instead you could…. 

  • Feel in control around food in every situation
  • Realize you forgot you even had chips in the pantry
  • Have a brownie and not want to eat the whole pan
  • Never worry about chaotic eating ever again

We’ve helped thousands of women overcome emotional eating and find peace with food. We want that for you too.

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