Women are sleeping. No, not the “zzz’s” kind. We’re talking about women who don’t know what they want or why they want it because they are subconsciously going through their lives pursuing a life they think they “should” be living. In this episode, we provide you with some tough questions to ask yourself, to help you define what you truly want for yourself and help you create a life you WANT. Come listen, and don’t forget the tissues.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, humans across the globe will set New Year’s resolutions with the hopes of 2021 being their best year yet. While we love the energy that resolutions bring, we also know a large percentage of those hopes will be crushed and gone before February even begins. We know you’ve been there.

Nobody can deny that Western culture is steeped in dieting. The idea that people – especially women – should strive to be smaller and take up less space to increase their worthiness is the cornerstone of diet culture. It’s also how millions of women determine their value as a human being. Hands up if that’s

We hear versions of this constantly: “my child has no control around Halloween candy. I have to hide their stash or they’ll eat until they’re sick. I’m so tired of the fight!” Halloween can turn into a nightmare for parents who watch their children lose control around their candy stash. Not only do kids seem

I know all too well the feelings of shame and guilt that come with feeling completely out-of-control around food. I used to be a secret binge eater, a weekend binge eater, a whenever-my latest-diet-failed binge eater.  My low point came one night when I lied to my roommate about why her ice cream was missing. I

Around three o’clock every afternoon you find yourself in the kitchen. You scale the countertop and reach up towards the highest cupboard… The treat cupboard. Inside you can usually find a half-empty packet of cookies, some leftover Halloween candy, maybe even a couple two-bite brownies – jackpot! You’re on the hunt for anything sweet as

Matters of the midsection come up quite often in our community and we get it.  The core goes through quite a transition during pregnancy and beyond. Google  “how to reduce belly fat” and results suggest everything from diet tricks, expensive wraps, secret core exercises, and detox teas promising to help you trim your waistline practically

How many jumping jacks do you have to do to “earn” a chocolate bar? Spoiler alert: none. Every year there are a series of memes that make their rounds on social media. We call the people who share these memes the Fun Police. And we’re sick of them. It’s time we kick this trend to

The other day I joined a group of women for a business networking lunch. As I sat down, one of them asked me the one question that I refuse to answer: You’re a nutrition habit coach, right? What should I eat? Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this question. That’s like walking up to

Warm up with a hot bowl of hearty pesto chicken stew. Carrots sweeten the pot while the potatoes soak up the delicious chicken and pesto broth. This meal is freezer-friendly! Slow Cooker Pesto Chicken Stew 1.5 lb boneless chicken breast 4 cups (1 liter) chicken stock or broth 1 cup (230g) prepared basil pesto (Classico