In this episode, Michelle shares her journey of overcoming overeating, learning the ‘why’ behind her nutrition habits, and developing the ability to listen to her body’s needs. She goes into detail about her process and emphasizes the benefits of working through her resistance to change with a Balance365 coach. She’s lost 40lbs, too!

Today we’re answering a frequently asked question: “How is Balance365 different from Intuitive Eating?” There are some similarities but there are also some important distinctions. In this episode, we’ll discuss the three primary differences that set the Balance365 philosophy apart from Intuitive Eating. Get ready to explore the complexities, gain some valuable insights into each approach, and learn what feels like a better fit for you!

Today, in this solo episode, Annie reflects on why she believes she’s been successful with long-term weight loss while so many others have not. This episode isn’t just about weight loss; it’s about a journey of personal growth that includes mindset shifts, emotional well-being, and daily habits. As someone who has experienced both struggles and triumphs in behavior change, Annie shares her four most powerful strategies, giving you the keys to unlock real and lasting change.

When you quit dieting, you may find yourself riding waves of emotions you didn’t expect. In today’s solo podcast episode, Jen is going to discuss the experience so many women are having: riding waves of grief.

Today, we have the pleasure of welcoming Yvette d’Entremont, also known as SciBabe, to the podcast. Yvette is a renowned public speaker and science educator who has the unique ability to break down complex research and communicate it in engaging and humorous ways. Yvette has built quite a large following on social media where, each day, she publishes her popular “Moment of Science” column.

Recently, a woman in our free Facebook group asked if weight gain is inevitable as you age. In this episode, we dive into the latest science around metabolism and aging. Our primary focus: Does the metabolism truly slow down as we age? And, is weight gain an unavoidable consequence of getting older? Join us as we explore these questions, share our own experiences, and uncover the truth behind the relationship between metabolism and the aging process.

Over the past year, we have received an increasing number of inquiries about these medications. At Balance365, we aim to provide a supportive environment for our members, alongside their healthcare providers, to explore if these options align with their values, preferences, and goals.

Join us today for an eye-opening discussion that aims to inform, empower, and uplift our community while respecting their autonomy in choosing what is best for their bodies. Enjoy!

Today, we have the pleasure of welcoming a guest we’ve respected and admired for years. Joining us on the show is the incredible Sarah Sapora, a true trailblazer in the realm of plus-size personal growth.

Join us as we welcome body image therapist Phaedra Gryz back to the Balance365 Life podcast. Phaedra has been an integral part of Balance365’s growth journey, starting with us as a nutrition coaching client and then transitioning to a coaching team member. Her candid and authentic approach to body image struggles, both from her personal experience and her work as a therapist, has resonated deeply with our community.

In today’s podcast episode, we slow things down and walk you through the process of navigating feelings of overwhelm when you’re starting a weight loss journey. We hope you leave this episode with a new perspective and have some new tools for being able to take continued, consistent action.