Have you ever wondered how many meals a day is best for fat loss? In today’s bite-sized Q+A, we answer this common question as well as have a discussion about what actually works for fat loss, for the long term.

If you’ve ever felt a pang of guilt when serving fast food to your kids, this episode is for you. Jen and Annie are both mothers and understand the importance of unpacking the complicated topics of parenting, nutrition, and perfectionism. Join us to explore this topic in today’s Q+A episode, finding peace with your family’s food choices.

In this clip from a live Q+A, we answer a question from a woman in our audience who asked, “what made weight loss ‘click’ for each of you?” This is a topic we could talk about for hours, but in this short episode, we list the most influential shifts that impacted each of our weight loss journeys. Will we share something that will “click” for you, too? Listen to find out!

We’ve got a super quick Q+A for you today that we know it’ll strike a chord.

“How can I stop saying ‘screw it’ when I don’t feel like following through?”

Tune in to listen and learn what the “screw-its” are, why they tend to happen, and what you can do to manage them!

In today’s episode, we share four common reasons we see women struggle to maintain their weight loss results. From abrupt stops to slow fades in lifestyle changes, we’ll uncover why so many people experience weight rebounds. Join us to learn about the challenges of maintaining results. It’s not just about weight loss but building a sustainable, flexible approach. Let’s dive in!

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Why can’t I stop eating?” you’re not alone! This is one of the most common questions we receive from our audience and our members. Join us in this episode as we explore the top five reasons behind this common concern and present some practical solutions to help you regain control.

“I thought that people were born knowing how to do it, and I was broken.”

Meet Yvette, who, like many of our members, has faced lifelong struggles with weight and dieting. She could never understand people who could stop eating when they were full. But then… She found us!

Despite our best intentions, humans are notorious for underestimating how much we eat. It’s not necessarily bad; just human nature. And we know this can be especially frustrating for those of us who are on a weight loss journey, but the scale refuses to budge.

Welcome, Balance365ers, to the start of a promising new year in 2024! As you know, the New Year is often full of profound reflections and setting intentions for change. Some of you might find yourselves at a crossroads, realizing you’re still in the exact same place today as you were a year ago… Ouch.

Today we’re bringing back an incredibly popular episode that deserves your attention, even if you’ve heard it before. Do you ever feel like you’re sleepwalking through your life? We work with so many women who don’t know what they want or why they want it. They are subconsciously going through the motions of life, pursuing what they “should” want – not what they actually want.