Today, we’re answering a listener’s question that many of us can relate to: “How do I stop nighttime snacking? I do great all day, but when 8 PM hits, it’s a non-stop munchfest until bed.” In this episode we uncover the root causes of this common habit and discuss how shifting your nutrition choices earlier in the day can help set you up for success.

Today’s episode tackles a challenging aspect of many weight loss journeys: staying consistent when the scale stops moving. It’s understandable you lose motivation when you feel your progress starting to stall; Jen and Annie have both been there—experiencing periods when their weight simply didn’t change, or even increased. Today, you’ll learn how to shift your perspective on these challenging moments and keep moving forward, even when the scale stops moving. Join us as we explore strategies to sustain your efforts and stay motivated, even when you feel like quitting.

Today, Annie and Jen discuss strategies for dining out that will help more mindful, calorie-conscious decisions without sacrificing the joy. From the importance of menu foresight to customizing your meals to fit your nutritional needs, they cover it all. Whether you’re a frequent or an occasional diner, this episode will help you navigate any menu while staying true to your health goals.

Summer is on its way in the Northern Hemisphere, and it’s the perfect time to discuss strategies to stay on track with your weight loss momentum during this social, sunny season. We’ll explore the key mindsets and actions that can create consistent progress for you, all in true Balance365 style. If you find yourself struggling to maintain consistency when the seasons change, don’t miss this episode!

Today, we discuss how to manage overwhelm, particularly when starting something new. For some, frequent feelings of overwhelm signal a need for a shift in mindset and new strategies. While it’s normal to feel swamped occasionally, the key to success lies in how you handle these moments. If you feel like overwhelm is a common theme in your life right now, this episode is for you. Join us as we explore strategies to help you problem-solve and keep moving forward. Let’s get started!

It’s time for another special episode of our series, “After the After.” We’re catching up with Roxanne, a graduated Balance365 Coaching member who’s currently ‘crushing life.’ Despite the challenges she experienced after being on our podcast the first time, Roxanne exemplifies how the skills and habits she learned in our program have profoundly impacted her everyday life long after her departure and led to a 50lb weight loss. Listen now to gain some powerful insights on creating–and maintaining!–personal transformations. Don’t miss this glimpse of what life can be like after Balance365!

Today, we address a question from a member about overcoming the feeling of tracking as “diety.” This is a term our community members use when a behavior feels restrictive and triggers an urge to rebel. This episode explores how perceptions of “diety” can vary and why certain habits may bring up uncomfortable feelings. The aim is not to label habit tracking as right or wrong but to discover your personal strategies that support achieving your goals while living a life you love. Enjoy!

Hello everyone! Today Jen and Annie are discussing something they see many women struggling with: losing motivation when they have a lot of weight to lose. In today’s episode, Jen and Annie explore the ups and downs of their weight loss journeys, sharing practical motivation strategies that can work for anyone. If you’re feeling discouraged or overwhelmed with your weight loss journey ahead, this is the episode for you!

In today’s quick Q+A episode, we’ll share why this issue is so common and offer you a fresh perspective to approach these foods (and how you think about them) in a healthier way. Enjoy!

Today, we’re sharing our go-to foods that provide maximum benefits with minimal fuss, allowing them to blend seamlessly into our daily lives. If you’ve been searching for some quick and easy ideas, these foods could be the game-changers you’ve been looking for. Listen now to discover our personal favorites and why adding them to your daily nutrition might just be the best decision you make today!