Why You Do It...
...and How to Stop!

Tired of "doing good" with your eating all day only to binge all the foods after 3pm or once the kids are in bed? 

Ever wonder why you can’t just willpower your way out of the craving? 

Sick of the shame and guilt that always comes after you indulge your cravings?

This guide was designed for you; a smart and capable woman who just can’t figure out why you keep heading for the pantry snacks even when you’ve set goals to eat healthy. 

Get ready to be shocked.

After this guide, you'll know exactly...

Why willpower keeps failing you

You might think you are weak-willed, but what if there's another reason you reach for more food?

How to stop food obsessions

Intense cravings for specific foods can be stopped… when you stop doing this one thing!

What to do next to get in control of what you eat

You don’t have to feel out of control around food anymore. We’ll show you how…

Ready to get in control?

It's time to find out why you automatically reach for the snacks and how to build better habits into your life without restrictive rules. Binge Eating: Why You Do It & How to Stop is the first step to a life where food doesn't control you anymore!

Meet Annie & Jen

We are Jen Campbell and Annie Brees, and we're on a mission to free women from the diet cycle, repair their relationship with food, and help them find their ideal body weight without restriction and obsession. It's kinda personal for us! We each have our own story of overcoming diet culture to experiencing true freedom and sustainable weight loss. 

Our passion is showing women that they can achieve their health and wellness goals in a balanced way that preserves their emotional health, happiness, and freedom.

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