Lose Weight Without Restrictions, Supported by a Team of Coaches Who Care

Discover Balance365, comprehensive nutrition and behavior change coaching designed for women like you.

Move Beyond Fad Dieting

Free yourself from complicated nutrition practices designed only for short-term success.

Gain Confidence & Clarity

Embrace a peaceful approach to nutrition, wellness, and weight loss.

Get Lasting Results

Feel confident, clear, and excited for your future. Trust us, we see it every day :)

 What if Weight Loss Could Be Simpler?

Escape from the struggles of overly restrictive diets, unattainable body ideals, and inner turmoil. Together, let’s address what’s holding you back.

Constant shame

It’s as if your inner mean girl won’t stop harping on all the ways you’re not good enough.

self-control lapses

You're convinced you'd be successful if you just had more willpower, but you can't seem to get it together.


You're either on the wagon and white-knuckling through your day or off the wagon eating everything in sight.


You've tried and failed so many times that you're no longer sure you can actually change.

You Deserve to Feel Comfortable in Your Body
(And at Peace with Yourself)

Gone are the days of conforming to one-size-fits-all dieting models that ignore your unique goals and preferences.

Here, we champion your right to carve out a path that resonates with your individual needs and desires. At Balance365, it's not just about reaching a goal – it's about redefining the goalposts on your terms, crafting a life of balance, wellness, and joy that feels authentically yours. 

Join us and step into a world where you set your own standards, celebrate your victories, big or small, and embrace a version of health that brings real, lasting change.

Balance365: Your Path to Real Wellness

Balance365 redefines your approach to weight loss, focusing on sustainable habits and mindset shifts rather than restrictive diets. 

Our 'Core 4' habits – sleep, internal cues, balanced nutrition, and movement – can be tailored to fit your unique lifestyle, showing you how to listen to your body and eat well without restrictions.

Guided by experienced coaches who empathize with your journey, Balance365 helps you build a peaceful relationship with food and your body. It's not just about nutrition; it's about learning to live a balanced, fulfilling life.

Real Stories, Real Success

Discover how Balance365 has transformed the lives of women just like you.

I've tried every single diet and they did work temporarily, but that's not the kind of success I wanted. I wanted long-term, sustainable success. When I found Balance365 I thought, "oh, this is it." Turns out I was right.

katie (Texas, USA)

lost 20lbs in balance365

The gentle approach and really feeling heard was a game changer for me. I felt part of a community. It’s a moderation program not an extreme solution. A real long term strategy.

kelly (usa)

lost 75lbs in balance365

I was really skeptical at first. I wanted to fix this for good, not start another diet. Within days I knew this is what I'd been looking for. It's different in a way that I didn't even imagine it could be.

lorraine (Alberta, canada)


My kids now can grow up with a mum not obsessed with food, who can run and keep up with whatever they are doing, and protect them from a life of being defined by what they weigh. 

suzie (new zealand)


Take Control: Your Balance365 Journey

We'll guide you through the transformative steps to food and body freedom.

Unpack the Limiting Beliefs of Diet Culture

Shed the perfectionist, all-or-nothing expectations that have kept you in a constant state of struggle.

Rediscover the Simplicity of Balanced Nutrition

Relearn the timeless lessons of balanced, sustainable health and wellness habits.

Adopt Sustainable Behaviors and Mindset Shifts

Embrace long-lasting change by integrating our Core 4 Habits into your daily life.

Lose Weight Without Restrictions

Empower yourself to live the fulfilling, balanced life you deserve.

For Women, By Women

Jen and Annie, co-founders of Balance365

Meet Jen and Annie. They transformed their struggles into a mission to uplift women. Tired of the endless cycle of dieting and body dissatisfaction, they created Balance365 as an antidote to the one-size-fits-all dieting narrative. Their approach goes beyond diets, focusing on sustainable habits, self-acceptance, and real change. Join their journey to redefine health and happiness on your terms, and discover a life where wellness means feeling fulfilled, confident, and truly yourself.

Experience Nutrition Coaching That Will Change Your Life

Our promise to you:

nutritional clarity and confidence

We promise to guide you towards understanding nutrition in its simplest form. You'll gain the confidence to make informed choices about what to eat, free from the constraints of hunger and cravings.


Our commitment is to teach you the art of balance. With no foods off-limits, you'll learn to enjoy your favorites in moderation, aligning your eating habits with your goals and values.

Lasting Change, Not Temporary Fixes

We assure you that the skills and habits you develop with Balance365 are designed for sustainability. You'll move beyond the frustrating cycle of weight loss and regain to maintain your achievements for life.

whole-person Approach

We recognize you as a whole person, considering all aspects of your health beyond just the physical. Our commitment is to support your journey to a healthier, more fulfilled you, by integrating essential habits, mindset, and body image coaching. 

Imagine Waking Up Each Day to a World Where Food and Weight Struggles No Longer Dictate Your Life

Step into a future where confidence in your food choices and a healthy body image is your new normal. Learn to navigate nutrition decisions with ease and embrace a life defined by balance and peace. Balance365 guides you on a transformative journey, equipping you with the tools for a sustainable, fulfilling life. Experience the freedom that comes with understanding and loving your body, making choices that resonate with your true self, and enjoying a harmonious relationship with wellness.

The Support You Need to Make the Changes You Want

When you join Balance365, you're not just signing up for a program; you're stepping into a world of transformative change. Discover what awaits you on this life-changing journey:

  • Individualized Nutrition Coaching: Receive tailored guidance to demystify balanced eating, aligning your nutrition with your unique lifestyle and goals.
  • The Core 4 Habit System: Master sleep, internal cues, balanced meals, and movement to embrace a sustainable approach to wellness.
  • Empathetic Support Community: Join a network of like-minded women, sharing experiences and finding encouragement in our vibrant, supportive, women-only community.
  • Mindset and Body Image Coaching: Shift your mindset towards sustainable change, foster a relationship with Future You, develop self-compassion, and build a healthier body image.
  • Practical Tools for Lasting Change: Gain access to resources like our Balanced Meal Guide, Emotional Eating Strategies, and exclusive member content.
  • Unlimited Access to Coaching Calls: Benefit from a diverse range of group coaching calls, available to suit various schedules.
  • Exclusive Member Challenges: Participate in fun, community-building challenges, designed to support and enhance your wellness journey.

Free On-Demand Workshop: Cut the Crap!

Simplify Weight Loss + Get Out of Your Own Way

Stop overthinking weight loss and start simplifying a path to a happier you.

Designed for women who are ready to break free from the tiring cycle of restrictive diets and self-sabotage, this workshop offers a fresh, empowering perspective on weight loss. 

Learn the simple truths behind sustainable health and discover how to find balance in your wellness journey.

Dieting doesn't have to define your life.