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You don't have to spend your life struggling with your weight.

Restrictive diets are keeping you stuck in the same cycle of gaining and losing weight. Not only is it exhausting, it has a big impact on your physical and mental health. What if we told you there's a better way?

Meet Balance365 co-founder, Annie. She went from a size 24 to a size 12 and has kept it off for over a decade. The secret? She stopped dieting. At Balance365 we're going to show you how to lose weight in a sane, healthy, flexible way so you can keep it off for good. 

Lose Weight (and Keep It Off!) with Balance365

Feel in Control

No more bingeing, no more self-loathing, no more confusion around what to eat or how to exercise.

Lose weight

Learn how the scale can move in the right direction and stay there, without the extremes or obsession.

never diet again

Become a balanced, flexible eater. You never have to cut out carbs, count points. or pass on birthday cake again.

We don't just care about weight loss.
We care about you.

Nobody should be sacrificing their physical or emotional health for weight loss.

Our clients report an improvement in overall emotional wellness while working with us.

Sarah, -45lbs

Rachelle, -80lbs


Phaedra, -30lbs

Ashley, -35lbs

Bethann, -50lbs

Stop Restricting. Start Living.

At Balance365, we know you want to feel healthy, confident, and comfortable in your body. To do that you don't just need to learn how to lose weight, you need to know how to keep it off. The problem is all you've ever known is unsustainable, restrictive diets which leave you feeling like a failure. We believe you deserve to be a healthy weight without resorting to extremes or hating yourself to get there. We know what it's like to feel exhausted from years of yo-yo dieting with no results to show for it and that's why we developed this program. We've helped thousands of women quit dieting, lose weight and reclaim the balanced life they deserve.

Ready to stop overthinking weight loss?

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Dieting doesn't have to define your life.